Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm taking the Smarter quiz, that test my knowledge on various sites around the internet. This is from Buzz Agent. This is a site about spreading the word about new products.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Been a while

Yeah it's been a minute. Haven't had the time to blog the way I used to, and that damn Ravelry takes up a lot of time.

Catch up time, I've been trying to stop the habit of bouncing between fifty million projects (trying being the key word of that statement).

I'm working on the Berroco pattern Abriana. What should have been a quick pattern is turning into a pain in the ass. Mainly b/c I keep screwing up. I did the back wrong, and I made two left panels. Just as well b/c one the panels was entirely two big. I'm going to try to finish this thing by next week, even if it kills me.

Well, here it is so far....

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


So lets start with the fact that I lost that beautiful hat below. Yes lost, gone, never to be seen again.

Me, being the genius that I am dropped it on the train. I sent pics to the lost and found, but they didn't have it. Of course they didn't, why would anyone return my beautifully handcrafted hat. Would they care that Entrelac is a serious challenge for me? Would they care that I really love that hat? Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

So instead of making the matching scarf, I will be making another hat {{sigh}}.

I decided to start Sesame sweater over. It's nothing like getting half way through a project, and realizing that you made it two sizes two small. I guess in my mind I was smaller. Well this will be my last long sleeve sweater until next year. As you can see, it's coming along.


It's funny how you improve your knitting skills over time, but it doesn't occur to you until you realized that you just used an advanced technique. Below are two big improvements for me.

Carrying yarn up the sides (less finishing, yay):


Russian Join (this is my next best friend, also being filed under less finishing).


As far as my spring project...I have several projects in my Ravelry queue. I've been eying this bag for some time now. This would be the perfect knitting bag. I'm thinking that I can do it with a solid/variegated combo. I'm also going to make a wristlet, b/c my company acts like they have stock in Air Conditioning. Nothing like stiff fingers, while you're attempting to type.

I did finish my other hat Belle. It is the cutest thing ever!

Can I tell you that I haven't finished my Cycling Aran. The only thing I have to do it bind off the neck, and sew the zipper. Isn't that sad? I don't know why I can't just get it over with already.

Anywho, have to go.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I have totally abandoned my blog. It's just that all my free time goes to Ravely. That site is soo addictive. It has to be one of the best thing that has ever happened to knitting. I have to make some major changes to blog. I just realized that if you use internet explorer, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom just to see the right hand column. I'm soo mad about that. I'm thinking of taking my site to another blogging environment. This is the second time that this happened. I fixed the issue before, after countless hours of sifting through tags in the templates. I know I could pay someone else to do it, but I'm a techie and really hate admitting defeat. Especially since I'm a Safari/Firefox user, who avoids IE like the plague.

Anywho, catch up time. I just finished my first entrelac project. Wait let me clarify, it wasn't my first attempt. It was my first finished entrelac project. For some reason, I can't get the process to click. So I basically wing it after the 2nd row. The directions always make sense until the second row. By the time I made it to the end of this hat, I was so making it up. I finished the hat in stockinette, and topped it with a pom pom to hide it. All in all it came out rather cute.
noname-1noname-2noname Now here's the kicker of all kickers. After spending 11 long days of hard work on this hat....I lost the damned thing a week later. Dropped it on the train. Do you know how mad I am right now. Nj Transit told me to check back b/c it take 3-4 business days for the lost and found items to make it to the hoboken station

Anywho, have to go now

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Catch up time

Ok, it's time to play catch up. I will edit the post tomorrow with pics, but I'll give you all of the details tomorrow.

First things first! I somehow screwed up my page again. And I have no clue of what did it b/c I just realized when I attempted to open my page within IE. I usually pull up the blog via Firefox, and it looks just fine. What is that about anyway? If the code is off, how come it's only off for Internet Explorer? This really urks me to no end. So now I have to play 'where's waldo' looking for that one bracket that threw the whole dern page off. I may just pay to have someone look at it. I feel like such a failure as a techy, but my 'lazy' wins every time {{sigh}}.

Ok, I got a chance to go to Rhinebeck again this year. I saw some Ravelry folks, but couldn't go to the party b/c I did the bus ride thing up there. I had some much fun this time around. My friends ending up backing out on me, but by fate I hooked up with Deitre (a fellow knitter from the morning train ride). She told about the bus ride, so I didn't have to take the train myself. Yaaay me.

Anywho, I was in heaven. A bus full of knitters is the best. There's no strange looks. Someone isn't going out there way (meaning: seeing you with your ipod, and deep in concentration) to get your attention just to say 'what are you doing?' or my favorite 'you should make me a _______.' If you knit in a public, I'm sure you can fill in that blank. I don't want to sound like a snot, but to me that's the same as interrupting someone while there reading to say something dumb like...'that's a good book hunh?' That burns me, b/c I'm a reader the way I'm a knitter. I think there should be a general rule. IF THE IPOD IS ON, I AM NOT INTERESTED IN TALKING TO YOU! Nothing says introvert like having your head down, and music blasting in your ears. I can see if people wanted to have an actual conversation, then I'm all for it. But don't be an arse! It's really okay not saying anything, when you have nothing to say.

Sorry, had to pull out the soap box for a minute. Anywho, the ride up there was peaceful. I got a chance to work on the Cycling Aran. I've been working on this thing forever. Well not forever, but I kept loosing steam. The cable section was fast, and kept me busy. By the time I got to the sleeves, I was so over it. I'm 50% done w/ the 2nd sleeve now. Once that's done I will only have to do the neck band and sew that baby together. I'm in serious danger of running out of yarn; which is unusual for me. Luckily Accents On Knits has more. I can’t wait. There are so many projects I want to start, it’s ridiculous. My queue on & off ravelry is insanely long.

I got a chance to look at Twinkle’s Big City Knits. I absolutely love this book. Out of the whole book, I will have to say that there are only 2-3 patterns that I don’t want to make. And that’s not even a definite no, that’s just no for right now. Loves It! I managed to score some yarn for a couple of those patterns at Rhinebeck. I also, scored yarn for an entrelac stole that the lady at the booth designed. But I’m thinking that I rather make Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style or this. I’m not sure about my entrelac skills, but hell it’s worth a shot. So, will basically be knitting every chance I get.

Well not every chance I get b/c the night time belongs to my latest acquisition. I didn’t just by yarn (and really fatty food) at Rhinebeck. I managed to score…(drum roll please {{insert drum roll here}}) the Kromski Sonata. Yes, that’s right. I got a brand new Spinning Wheel. I feel like I’m on a game show. Tell her what she’s one. Haha, I’m kicking coffee for a bit. You have to bear with me. I absotively posolutely love my wheel. I managed to get started on my own. I downloaded some basic how to, but nothing out there explains why the yarn doesn’t feed onto the bobbin. I tried adjusting the break. I assume I’m adjusting the tension. Any thoughts, anyone? I think I’ll take it to Knit Knack to see if can get a quick lesson on getting started.

K, have to go now. Promise to have pics by the end of the week.

Over, and out.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's been awhile...

Wow, it's been a while. I kind of fell off with the blogging thing. I read other blogs daily, but just didn't have the energy to update mine. And it's all due to LAZINESS! But that is okay, I'm back. I'll try to update more often now.

Lets play catch up, shall we. I just moved. I still live in Maplewood, but I moved around the corner. I'm back on my own. It's been hectic for the past month. I have absolutely no furniture. Which is kind of cool, b/c now I can pick all new stuff. It's coming along. I have to buy a new laptop, after I buy furniture. Everything will come together soon.

I'm knitting the Lovely Lace Socks from Interweave, I forget which season it's from. Here's a progress shot.

Lace Socks

I'm resolving to actually finishing these before I start anything else. So far it's torture.

I signed up for Ravelry. Pretty cool website if you ask me. I haven't figured out how to get pics up there yet, but I will one of these days.

Oh, please be on the look out. Moving made me realize that I have......Oh it's just so hard to say.
{{sigh}} I HAVE TOO MUCH YARN! There I said it. It's bad when you have 3 over sized storage bins, and still have more yarn to pack. I'm not even talking neatly placed. We're talking stuffing to the point that the lid doesn't close. Which brings me to my point. I'm going to sell some of this stuff. I'm not quite sure how much of it I'm going to sell, but some of it must go.

K, gotta go.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

I guess I'm a designer now

I's a designer now! (ala Color Purple).

Well I won't go as far as to say that I'm a full fledge designer, but I did design a cabled scarf for my friend Reema. She wanted to make a Cabled scarf for herself, and wasn't sure what to do. So I came up with a simple pattern with seed stitch border. I'm pretty proud of myself. It's a scarf but I did it from scratch. So here's the pattern if anyone wants. I did the wrote it out as well as charted.

Pattern: Reema's 'Leaving on the Next Plane' Scarf
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride
Sl = Slip
St(s) = Stitch(s)
Cn = Cable needle
CO = Cast On

C4f = Sl 2 sts to cn & hold in front, k next 2sts, then k 2sts from cn
C4b = Sl 2 sts to cn & hold in back, k next 2sts, then k 2sts from cn

CO: 26 sts
Row 1: *p,k* Repeat ** to the end of row
Row 2: *k,p* Repeat ** to the end of row
Row 3: p, k3, p8, k2, p8, k2, p, k
Row 4: k, p3, c4b, c4f, p2, c4b, c4f, p2, k, p
Row 5: p, k3, p8, k2, p8, k2, p, k
Row 6: k, p3, k8, p2, k8, p2, k, p
Row 7: p, k3, p8, k2, p8, k2, p, k
Row 8: k, p3, k8, p2, k8, p2, k, p

* Repeat rows 3-8 until desired length.

This will be in a link on the sidebar later. Oh, I have this pattern in a word doc for anyone that ones it. Just email me:

I don't have any progress pics, but will have some by the weekend. More like Sunday b/c I'm going to the Billion Dollar Babes event Saturday. So much for budgeting!