Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is why I can't get a damn thing done....

Mini Post:

I have this on going war with one of my best friends. It's a video war on myspace (if you have nothing to do you can check it out at the war is with geekgirl.

Anyway, lately I've been spending all my time reading gossip blogs (i.e and doing warring with my friend. And I just knew I had her this week. I thought I shut it down with this....

Now you have to admit, that's some funny ish! I almost passed out when I sent her this. Now normally, it's neck & neck with this thing. But she totally blew me out of the water earlier with this!

And let's just say that she won this round.

Well, why I'm here I'll talk about knitting. I've found that Urban Outfitters is a very dangerous place to play. But I love going to the site b/c they sell the cutest (over-priced) sweaters. Especially the ones by Free People. I just noticed something; they (i only call them they b/c i don't know their names individually-for my kat william fans out there) design the cutest sweaters for guys. Yeah the sweaters in the 'women's section' is funny but the men's sweater are really funky. Like this one right here. It's a popcorn stitch pull over. Easy enough right?


I think I can easily substitute a stockinette sticth for sometime of popcornish stitch.

And I do realize that I do my planning then displaying of the knitting on this site. But I swear that I'm knitting, no really I am. I'll show progress shots soon.

I've decided to work on two other sweaters until I can find what the yarn I want. Updates to come.

Tired Now!



Calling Kahlo said...

Yup, the Thriller vid definitely takes the cake, that is great. I will be passing that link on.

kellz said...

ok, saturday night sheep...
i looked at the videos and i can't take it. ya'll are so silly, esp. the fake "thriller". who comes up with this stuff.

lemme know who wins....

still laughin' and shakin' my head,