Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Hday to all who celebrate it.

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Okay, this spinning thing is not as easy as I thought it would be. I can get the yarn to twist, but I can't get the drop spindle to...spin. I twist it on my leg, but as soon as i let it go it turns in the opposite direction unwinding everything. Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong here. I'll have to watch the knitty gritty show again.

In other news, I have more pics to upload but blogger keeps timing out. Luckily, there's other options.

So I bring you Rhinebeck part deux:

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Can you tell how much I bought? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh, I finally bought a swift and a yarn meter.
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Now I will officially be able to sell some of the oddball yarn in my house.

And last but not least, here is the Tahki pattern I've been working on. It seems like it's taking forever!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Basket Full of Firsts...

Ahh, the first time. The excitement, the anticipation, the feeling of conquering something for the first time.

Well over the past couple of weeks, I had...well, a basket full of firsts. Yay Me.

While working on my sock (my first sock), I managed to conquer the whole heel/gusset/instep thing flawlessly (so shocked). And here's the product of that:
Leaves sock
I'm quite proud of myself for that one. Now to only finish the darn thing. And one day, get to the other one.

I received my first order from Hancock fabrics. Loving them right now.
So I get this wonderful box yesterday, and look at what's inside.....I had to stop working on my No-Sweat Pants b/c I ran out of yarn. Of course the Bella Vista colorway was discontinued. But after some serious searching, I found it at hancock fabrics. Yay them. So here's the pic of what I've accomplished so far with this pants.

It's coming along, I may have them done before the winter is over.

This oversized tomato was only 99 cents. Definitely a first. I thought I was only getting this small cushion box. When I opened the box i was so happy. I can put all kinds of stuff in that bad boy.

Nice right?

anyway, the ultimate first went down this past weekend.....Rhinebeck! It was a first definitely not the last. I met up with a Jee from SNB yahoo group, and we carpooled it up there. It was a great drive. The leaves had already turned, and it was gorgeous. I don't have many pics, b/c when I got the I lost my mind. I did manage stop and and check out the mini zoo.

Rhinebeck: Kangaroo
Oh, another first.....I saw a Kangaroo up close and personal.Isn't he the cutest? It was pretty cool. There were Lemur monkeys, but all I could think of was Madagascar. 'I like to move it move it,' haha. See...Rhinebeck: Lemur Monkey
I was tried feeding goats. I'm sorry people, but having a goat tongue going across your hand has the be the nastiest feeling in the world. EWWW!

Now on to the good stuff:

I'm just going to post a couple, you guys can check out my flicr (look to the right) for additional pics. Nice
my first successful spin
I spun my first bit of yarn. What do you think?

I also bought books, but I can't upload the pics b/c blogger sucks.

Gotta go, will post later

Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is why I can't get a damn thing done....

Mini Post:

I have this on going war with one of my best friends. It's a video war on myspace (if you have nothing to do you can check it out at
http://www.myspace.com/viesespieces the war is with geekgirl.

Anyway, lately I've been spending all my time reading gossip blogs (i.e http://ybf.blogspot.com) and doing warring with my friend. And I just knew I had her this week. I thought I shut it down with this....

Now you have to admit, that's some funny ish! I almost passed out when I sent her this. Now normally, it's neck & neck with this thing. But she totally blew me out of the water earlier with this!

And let's just say that she won this round.

Well, why I'm here I'll talk about knitting. I've found that Urban Outfitters is a very dangerous place to play. But I love going to the site b/c they sell the cutest (over-priced) sweaters. Especially the ones by Free People. I just noticed something; they (i only call them they b/c i don't know their names individually-for my kat william fans out there) design the cutest sweaters for guys. Yeah the sweaters in the 'women's section' is funny but the men's sweater are really funky. Like this one right here. It's a popcorn stitch pull over. Easy enough right?


I think I can easily substitute a stockinette sticth for sometime of popcornish stitch.

And I do realize that I do my planning then displaying of the knitting on this site. But I swear that I'm knitting, no really I am. I'll show progress shots soon.

I've decided to work on two other sweaters until I can find what the yarn I want. Updates to come.

Tired Now!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some times I just don't know what to do with myself...

There I said. Isn't admitting your issue a step towards...well sanity. The down side of this knitting ADD is I can't get it together. I have more UFOs then I can count. I'm sure that's a lot of knitter out there. But it's really getting out of hand here. I have like 40 million projects I want to do for the fall (new projects mind you). Not to mention the ones I would love to finish from last year. And what's making the whole situation crazy as hell, is I can't seem to get it together enough to knit b/c I can't find the right yarn for the Cycle Aran Sweater. I want yarn similar to the yarn used in the pattern. Of course the yarn she used is discontinued. I have yarn coming out of every crevice of my flipping house, but none of it's right. So I guess you can say I'm having a knitting hissy fit. It's dumb I know, but that's the spoiled monster in me. I want what I want, and I want it now. Arggh! I'm going to try Smiley's Yarn this weekend. They are having a big sale, so it's worth the trek to Brooklyn. And while I'm there, I'm hoping they have Homespun 'bella vista' b/c I officially run out. I thought I had more. And now, I can't find it anywhere. You know why, b/c it's discontinued. So I'm hoping I don't have to start all over again. If so, that will be the 1st project put on the next year list.

I see the Holiday Vogue is avail. Have to pic that up this weekend. You know what I haven't picked up in a while....Family Circle Knitting. It was the first knitting mag that got me hooked. It was one of their holiday editions. I plan on making the Moose booties, now that I have someone to make them for...YAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME!

Oh, I changed my site in support of Breast Cancer awareness. Check GO PINK! for more details. Thanks to Erica B. for the heads up.

Sorry for the rant. But had to get it out.