Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm back from outerspace, no really!

Whew, it's been a while. But you know what, i've been on a semi-timeout. Well mainly, it's been busy here at work and I rarely turn my machine on at home. Oh, don't act like most of you would be on all the time, if you didn't do it from work.

First things first! I have an announcement. I am the new proud Godmother of a baby girl named Tanji. She's the miracle baby. I would tell you why but that would take too long to explain. But look at her isn't she the prettiest little someone?!?
My pretty pretty princess!

Okay, so I stopped i was doing the day after she was born. And this is what I ended up with a couple of days later. This right here is what I love about crocheting. The fast, simple, beauty of it. Well for me, my knitting skills are not up to this level of speed.
Tanji's first blankey
And here she is sleeping w/ another shot of the blankey.
Tanji with her blankey

I cannot wait to make her all types of sweaters and other cute baby items. Yay!

Now onto me, my razo tank is so almost finished....I should be smacked in the head witha moldy sock for not having it done. No really, I should. I'm down to one strap. Not two but one. I've tried it on, it fits perfectly. So what summer is over, so what I could have been wearing it all the time. Ehh, what are you going to do. So I guess it's time to admit to another condition.


yeah, that's a good name for it. sad I tell you.

anywhoot, I found the perferct yarn for the Cycling Aran. Yeah, I went shopping in my closet. Apparently I have a mini-warehouse in my room. I was look for every bit of Homespun I can find in my house. Apparently, the 'bella vista' colorway has been discontinued. Why, I do not know. It's ten times better than some of their other off balanced colors. But I guess that's just my opion. So, I've been trying to figure out if I have enough to complete the pants. Hancock Fabricks the color in stock, and I wanted to be sure to order enought to complete the pants & the matching sweatshirt (hood sweater, but we will pretend that it's a sweatshirt). Wow, I totally forgot that I was discussing the Cycling Aran. Gotta work on this ADD thing.Well, I came across the yarn I bought from Florence. It's brown, with multi-color specs throughout. I have to upload a picture later. I'm going to swatch it (haha, i said swatch) this weekend. Hopefully the gauge is too off. I'm crossing my fingers on this one.

Ok, the No-Sweat Pants. Started these on Monday, I'm at the thigh of the one part. It just dawned on me that I probably could have done this in the round. Which urks me, b/c I'm too far to turn back now. Yeah well, if I decide to make another pair.

Clappy, all I can say is that I'm getting there. There will be progress shots later. I just joined a couple of KAL's. One being the Fall Cables Kal. I also plan on making a pair of cabled legwarmers from the latest K1 magazine. It's a couple of things in the latest Vogue Knitting that I would like to make.I will sit down and do my to-do list over the weekend. I also joined Soctoberfest, b/c I am determined to finish my socks. I may have to start over b/c I lost my place. That's will be annoying.

That's all for now. Will update again this weekend.


Ninabeena said...

YAY! Your back. Did you ever receive my package?

Saun said...

Welcome back. She is a definite cutie! Girls are so fun to make things for. You will definitely be inspired. That blanket is great. I wish my crochet skills were that good.

QueenLi said...

Oh how pretty! What an adorable baby!

Deborah said...

awwww, so cute. Now you have a real live model for all of your new baby wear designs! I annoy children in park to try mine on! Lucky you.

Necia said...

Pinky, that blanket is gorgeous. I have a ton of babies on the way too, and I think I'm gonna take your lead and continue to get my crochet on. Hey question for you, I was viewing your flicker, and I would love to know what pattern that orange sweater is? I've always wanted a sweater like that, and short of ordering a Kim Hargreaves kit, I wanted to see if I can find a similar pattern.