Saturday, August 05, 2006


Remember a while back, I mentioned that I wanted to try designing/writing up my own pattern.

Well, I think I have found my inspiration. I was flipping through the latest Elle Mag, and what did I find...Miss Kimora rocking the illest dress for her Baby Phat Ad. Naturally, I must have this dress. I went to the site, it's not for sale. So it may not even be Baby Phat. So, I say what I always say. 'I can make that!' But this time, I actually can. Well at least I can give it a try. It's a ribbed cowl neck dress with bell sleeves. And get this, the dress is completely ribbed. Easy enough, right?

BP Dress

The only problem, I have no idea where to start. None what's so ever. The dress appears to be done in a very small gauge. Yeah, we're going to try to do it on 10's or higher. I'm a little to slow of a knitter to do it at a smaller gauge. I'm going to use the yarn I bought from Odd job. Hopefully I have enough. We shall see.

Oh, the razor is coming along. I bought Susan Bates needles (metal). I'm going much faster now that I don't have to fight it. It's starting to become one of those endless knitting projects. I've knitted about 12" of the tank, but it feels like i've knitted 50". Ehh, what are you going to do?

Razor progress

I'm only working on one project now, so don't have that much to update. Oh, I bought the Knit Simple magazine. It looks like cables are really in this season. I'm loving this Cardi from the front cover. There's a cabled vest that I've got my eye on, but I'll see what's what after I start my the Cycling Aran.

Off to my first attempt on the dress. Yeah, so all you designers out there...if you have any tips they will greatly appreciated.