Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My SP is the greatest

First things first: Thank you SP for my package. I am truly spoiled. I've already found a pattern for my sock yarn. It has the prettiest colorway. I did a partial swatch for it already.

Ok, so SP here's a virtual hug {{HUGGIES}}.
My package contains handmade soap, lip balm, and German Sock yarn (so pretty).

Ok, I've come up with a solution to the sticky/stiff situation with the needles. I've just loosened my stitches. Don't get me wrong I don't knit super-tight, just snug enough to have neat stitches. Right now, it doesn't look bad. So that's a good thing. It has sped up the process. Yay Me! I have to get this done before the month is over (haha, who am I fooling). No later than the 1st week in August. I want to do the fad classic before the season is over. I might continue to do the tanks in the fall. I know I will definately be doing another Ballet Sweater. Since it's such a quick project I can easily throw it in there.

Then, I'll be in the clear for the Cycling Aran (see previous post). Oh joy, it will be after labor day. So, I can buy yarn for it. I'm going to hold off on buying yarn until I buy the yarn for this sweater. Speaking of not buying yarn. I'm doing soooo good with the SOS. I haven't bought an ounce of yarn. I've passed over sales, and everything. Sweet, right? So, in conclusion that means that I really don't need to buy yarn in the quantities that I buy them.

Ewww, that didn't even sound right. Yuck, I promise to never say that again.

Anywho, gotta go.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I just ran into your blog searching for knitting blogs. I love the color of the sock yarn! i asked some knitters oen time about sticky needles and they looked at me so funny that I thougth I must be it was nice to hear someone else has that problem. I will have to try rubbing soap on the needles...very useful tip.

happy knitting.

heather ;)

carrie said...

that's a great sock yarn! very valentine-y. how's the razor cami coming along?