Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's growing

I'm making progress on the Razor Tank. I'm loving the project b/c the pattern is pretty basic, but small needles are rough. I'm not a fast knottier so it's like I do 2-5 rows a day. Part of the problem is that I'm using Bamboo needles (crystal palace at that) with acrylic. It's been a fight, so I'm going to purchase metal needles to see if that will speed things up a bit. It should, if not at least make it a smoother process. This tank has been hard on the wrists.

Rzr Tank Progress

And speaking of Crystal Palace; Am I the only one that has come to the conclusion that Crystal Palace (bamboo) needles are OVER PRICED CRAP!

I literally despise these needles. Let's start with both sz 15 circulars, shall we? First it was the insane squeaking (drove me batty). Then if that wasn't enough, the damn thing fell apart on me. Falling apart meaning, the cord came out of that little socket thingy. And you know the funny thing about that? I call myself upgrading to these needles b/c the plastic Bryspun (sp) did the same effing thing. So much for upgrading. Now on to the lovely sz4 i'm using now. The yarn keeps getting stuck on the metal socket thingy. Adding to my struggle. So, it's pretty much a wrap on Crystal Palace.

I'm going to stick with Susan Bates/Clover. So far I have no complaints.

In other news, Stitch Diva is hosting a knitting/crochet cruise. It's in April 07. I've been giving it some serious thought. Sailing through tropical islands like St. Thomas (where my ex from HS is currently residing) knitting & crocheting for ~2k. It doesn't seem like a bad deal. The only thing about this about it, is the time. Every year I travel overseas in Feb. This year I'm planning to go to London (or Spain). I'm not going to be able to get away with back to back vacations. I'll have to see how I'm going to work this.

Anywho, gotta go do some work now. Later People!



Ninabeena said...

I love my Denise interchangables. You should think about those.
I have a wide assortment of needles but I use the denise's and my cheap boye needles the most!

SusanD said...

Crystal Palace will replace needles with problems - send an email at the web site.

Elaine said...

My crystal palace needles are always snagging on stuff. I was thinking of getting the new needle set they have at KnitPicks. I love using my Brittany's (they are birch) though and knit fast enough without having metal needles.

Kim said...

I really like my CP circs, I've never noticed any squeaking. Sounds like you got an older set though. Supposedly they've been redesigned to stop them from separating like that. If you contact Crystal Palace they should replace them for you!

Anonymous said...

I also can't use bamboo with acrylic--it's horrible! I love Clover, too. The tank is looking good!