Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My SP is the greatest

First things first: Thank you SP for my package. I am truly spoiled. I've already found a pattern for my sock yarn. It has the prettiest colorway. I did a partial swatch for it already.

Ok, so SP here's a virtual hug {{HUGGIES}}.
My package contains handmade soap, lip balm, and German Sock yarn (so pretty).

Ok, I've come up with a solution to the sticky/stiff situation with the needles. I've just loosened my stitches. Don't get me wrong I don't knit super-tight, just snug enough to have neat stitches. Right now, it doesn't look bad. So that's a good thing. It has sped up the process. Yay Me! I have to get this done before the month is over (haha, who am I fooling). No later than the 1st week in August. I want to do the fad classic before the season is over. I might continue to do the tanks in the fall. I know I will definately be doing another Ballet Sweater. Since it's such a quick project I can easily throw it in there.

Then, I'll be in the clear for the Cycling Aran (see previous post). Oh joy, it will be after labor day. So, I can buy yarn for it. I'm going to hold off on buying yarn until I buy the yarn for this sweater. Speaking of not buying yarn. I'm doing soooo good with the SOS. I haven't bought an ounce of yarn. I've passed over sales, and everything. Sweet, right? So, in conclusion that means that I really don't need to buy yarn in the quantities that I buy them.

Ewww, that didn't even sound right. Yuck, I promise to never say that again.

Anywho, gotta go.

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Friday!

Happy Friday everyone. I didn't do the YouTube Monday vid (basically b/c I forgot). But, that's okay. I have a funny for you.

I'm loving the Young Joc-It's going down song like the next man, but submitting failed attempts to master the dance to you tube is not the way to go.

At any rate, this is to funny not to share:

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's growing

I'm making progress on the Razor Tank. I'm loving the project b/c the pattern is pretty basic, but small needles are rough. I'm not a fast knottier so it's like I do 2-5 rows a day. Part of the problem is that I'm using Bamboo needles (crystal palace at that) with acrylic. It's been a fight, so I'm going to purchase metal needles to see if that will speed things up a bit. It should, if not at least make it a smoother process. This tank has been hard on the wrists.

Rzr Tank Progress

And speaking of Crystal Palace; Am I the only one that has come to the conclusion that Crystal Palace (bamboo) needles are OVER PRICED CRAP!

I literally despise these needles. Let's start with both sz 15 circulars, shall we? First it was the insane squeaking (drove me batty). Then if that wasn't enough, the damn thing fell apart on me. Falling apart meaning, the cord came out of that little socket thingy. And you know the funny thing about that? I call myself upgrading to these needles b/c the plastic Bryspun (sp) did the same effing thing. So much for upgrading. Now on to the lovely sz4 i'm using now. The yarn keeps getting stuck on the metal socket thingy. Adding to my struggle. So, it's pretty much a wrap on Crystal Palace.

I'm going to stick with Susan Bates/Clover. So far I have no complaints.

In other news, Stitch Diva is hosting a knitting/crochet cruise. It's in April 07. I've been giving it some serious thought. Sailing through tropical islands like St. Thomas (where my ex from HS is currently residing) knitting & crocheting for ~2k. It doesn't seem like a bad deal. The only thing about this about it, is the time. Every year I travel overseas in Feb. This year I'm planning to go to London (or Spain). I'm not going to be able to get away with back to back vacations. I'll have to see how I'm going to work this.

Anywho, gotta go do some work now. Later People!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Maybe I'll get some knitting done if....

If I can stop watching these damn You Tube clips! I told someone earlier that YouTube is the devil.

It is isn't it. It really is the devil. But no, it's very addictive. Like take this little clip from Dave Chapelle about 2pac. I had to watch this like 2 times in the row. I still may watch it again before the night is over. This is funny. Then earlier, I stumbled onto a little vid of Tom Cruise doing the 'It's going down' Dance. Yes, then I was able to finally catch B's new video. I'm so loving her right now. See you get the point, I've been glued to the net all day. So not a productive day.

Ehh, what are you going to do. I did manage to get past my first five rows of the Razor tank. It's coming along. I realize now that it would be coming along much faster if I were using metal circulars as opposed to bamboo. B/C I feel like I'm fighting for my life with this yarn. It's a pretty decent acrylic, but obviously no friend of bamboo. So this weekend, I'm picking the metals.

I have that new project itch. It's bad. I wanted to at least put a bigger dent into the clapper before starting again. I'll fight it as much as possible, but I can't promise anything. I want to do something quick and cute. It's summer after all. I need another quickie to hold me over. Wow, I sound like a junkie. I may just start the unbiased really quickly. Oooooh, I know maybe a quick felted tote. I'll figure out something tonight. Yes, something with big needle. Yeah that'll do the trick.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Happily Dappily Monday!

Yay, it's Monday YAY! Ok, I'm really not happy. But eh, I'm going to pretend. Maybe that will make the day go faster. I'll let you know how that works later.

Ok, so in honor of Happy Monday. Here's the cutest video that I found on YouTube (which is like the coolest site BTW).

So am I the only one that wants a kitten now! It really doesn't help that I kept seeing stray kittens all week. I have this animal rescue thing going on, but I couldn't catch any of them. They just ran :(

One the kittens look like the one from the pic above.

Ok, in knitting news. Why cannot I soooo not wait for fall now. Ok, September (that's when summer of stash ends). I really want to make the Cycle Aran Sweater. I don't care if it takes me all winter, I'm making this sweater! I'm just going to put this on my progress tracker now. Hehe, just can't wait. Oh Joy!

Yes, and I found the funkiest sweater by Gedifra on 'Knitting Creations..' I'm not even sure if I'm ready to handle Entrelac. I was going to start simple with the shawl, but after seeing this sweater....we're going keep the party going on this one.

See this is why I'm so addicted to reading blogs. I'm always finding something absolutely yummy to knit. So, yes my inspiration comes from other bloggers.

As you can see the caffeine has officially kicked in, woo hoo.

Okay, without further ado (sp) here are the progress shots:

Progress shot on the Clapper
Clap On
Clap Off
Clap On Clap Off
The Clapper!

Progress shot on the Clapper

The Ballet T
Yarn: Acrylic (big lots), and Bernat Matrix
Start: June 14, 2006
Finish: June 20, 2006 (yes, it was a quickie)
Knit again?: Oh yeah! Planning on doing one in pink, should be nice. I know I did this in the last post, but it's not official until you get a picture.
Finished Ballet Sweater From Loop D Loop

Sometime ago, Amy left me a comment about knitting groups in the Metro area (so I assume). I go to one in Maplewood NJ at Pen & Jens. I hear there is one on Mondays at the Barnes & Noble (route 22 location, springfield nj). I know there's a boat load of them in the City. Actually, there are a lot of SNB meetups, you can check yahoo groups.

So Amy, I hope that helps.

Update on the whole sewing situation. Me, and the old sewing machine in my house have officially gotten to know each other. Now, all I have to do it buy the pattern for the dress I want to make. I discovered that I had the perfect material right under my bed. I have a lot of things that lurk under my bed. Some good, some not so good. But that's another story.

Recapping the 4th, I basically didn't do any knitting. I just hung out with the family. Here's the cutest pic of my Mini Me. Yes, I have a mini me don't be jealous.
I shall Call Her Mini Me!

Oh, and I don't know what if you heard about NJ being shutdown last week. Lets just say that this was a very very unhappy time for me. I am a true beach bum. The beaches opened sunday, and I was damned near the first one there. Yes, I was out my house like 7:30 am. See don't I look dandy. Just as dark as I want to be, and I'm loving it. Ok, smooches!

The Beaches are open! The Beaches are open!