Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just a mini posti-post

Hey, just wanted to drop a couple of lines. I realized during the process of my daily blog grazing, that I did not post this week. I have to keep the weekly posting up to stay in the WWR (wonderful world of Rings). Right now, I have a 'booted' status for the Knitting Bloggers ring. It's so heartbreaking, I need to be connected. I need to be linked! {{sniff}}. Ehh, it was my own fault, falling off the blogging map on a couple of occasions. So to get back on there will be continuous posting. Something I should be doing anyway. So I guess i can thank the KB ring admins for keeping my @ss on the ball. (haha, on the ball...ball of yarn)

Well it was funny to me :P

I am finished my vest. Well we're using the word 'finish' very loosely here. I haven't picked up for the collar. Picking up scares me more than having to sew the damn thing together. I really need to take a finishing class. And just give up on my Self-Taught mojo.

I'm on hold for my socks, b/c I lost 1 out of the five of my needles. Pisssssssst, doesn't even begin to describe the situation. Man I was hot! So, now this is on hold until I can feel better about the situation.

Anywhoism, I started the Clapotis this past Saturday. I'm finally clapping like the rest. Eww, that sounds so unsanitary.

Well, gotta go. I'll post pics later.


K. said...

Congrats on the clappy!

Harlem Purl said...

I used to be scared of picking up stitches also until my old pal "crochet hook" came to the rescue. Like American Express, I never leave home without it...or needles in various sizes, a darning needle, scrap yarn, measuring tape..I could go on for a while.

Good luck with Clappy. I think I'm the only person in the knit/blog world that hasn't tried it yet? I might jump on the bandwagon soon.

Happy Knitting!