Thursday, June 01, 2006

I would like to thank, SOS, and what now?

First off I would like to thank my wonderful pal. I received my package yesterday. She sent me the prettiest squares, coordinating fabric, and a lavendar sachet. Can't wait to put that in my closet. Smells soooo good.

I have to buy a new sewing machine. The one in the house is, well sucky. This summer, I'm really going to invest my sewing abilities. I want to make summer skirts and dresses. Yes, and my first official quilt.

I have a couple of yards of a really nice floral print that would make the perfect gypsie skirt. I have a thing for those now a days. I guess it's my inner flow child attempting to come out.

I joined the Summer Of Stash KAL. This is for my insane need to buy yarn. I'm doing this in hopes to get some space. B/c amazingly enough I have other things that need to be stored other than yarn. Here is just a sample of this madness.

Oh, and here is my original package. Sorry Secret Pal, I've been a lazy bastard.

I have to find new projects so I can decrease my stash. I committed to go the whole summer without buying yarn. I have the shakes already. Yikes.

You know what's crazy, I don't have any cotton here. Haha, this will be a fun summer of knitting. I'll be making a lot of bags. Bags bags bags bags. Oh and Ipod holders, and cell phone cozies.

One thing I do want to start is a scrap blanket made of all the extra yarn I can't do anything with. I will be one huge, oversized, enormous hot mess. But it'll be mine, and i'll love it. Maybe something to pass down a couple of generations. Haha, that will be my first generational curse. The Ugly blanket that will be passed around for decades.

Ok, I'm sleeepy now.

Will update tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

I will work for Yarn!

HoBo Knit-Crochet Girl.... I'll take whatever yarn is tooo much for you!

"One Knitters Old Stash, is another Knitters New Treasure"

Have a good weekend!!!! :)