Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I was just behind the scenes

First off I must say that Knitters (myself included :P ) are the nicest most helpful people in the world. I really mean that. I would like to thank everyone that dropped me a comment with the info about the progress bar. Actually thanks to everyone for the comments. I love them!

Now, I've been playing around with the toolbar. I finally found the progress tracker with images, the only problem with that is that I'm not too sure if I like it more than just the plain progress bar. I've decided to leave both on the page, until I can figure out which one I want to use.

I'm still debating as to whether or not I should add my unsightly UFO's to the situation. I mean, they are kind of 'in progress.' Hmm, have to think about that one for a bit.

Okay on to the updates:

1) My Ruby is coming along nicely. I'm glad I used the Campalmi yarn for this one, I wasn't sure of the actual yardage b/c I can't read the label. The pic at the left is last weeks update. At this point, I'm finished with the back, and like 10% of the front. It's coming along rather nicely. I want to be finished or pretty close to it by this weekend. I have a couple of projects to start.

I can't wait to see the finished product. I like this yarn. The colorway is insane. I'm hoping that it won't be too hot to wear. I would like to get a some wear out of it in the warm weather. I think it might even look good over a tankini, hmm. I'll have to explore that option. Either way I have to send Saunshine a note to let her know that I am digging this pattern. This pattern was a two for one deal. The other pattern is a bit more involved. But it's so pretty, so I may just go right from this to the Diamondonique. After all, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well that's before I discovered knitting. Yarn is my new best friend. Keep the Diamonds ( i lose them anyway) Give me yarn, the good stuff. Baskets and baskets of it. Oh, and while you're at it. I could use containers to hold it in too. Haha, can you tell I need therapy. Hi my name is Al an-and I'm obsessed {{sniff sniff}} with knitting. Haha, have to forgive me today. I am sooo sleepy today. I've been writing this post since 1pm today.

Me & Coffee decided that we needed sometime apart during this diet phase...no marthan. Coffee makes me jittery if I'm not drinking it with something heavy..bagel heavy. I'm aware of the fact that it's purely mental. It's just hard arguing with a vivid imagination, haha. So speaking of dieting, here's a pic of me 20lbs lighter than my starting point (you know the 'OMG, I'm four pounds short of 200. I can't be 200!' starting point). I'm pretty proud of myself. I have about 30 more pounds to go. But in the meantime here's a not so before not so after pic of me in my potential party dress. I figured since I'm turning 30, that I can really do it up this year. The only problem is, I'm going to South Beach. Yeah, ladylike and South Beach don't really hand & hand. So I may have to invest in shorts. Maybe I'll do a funky Sushi dinner, and change into something more fitting of the area later. But look at it, isn't it a fun dress? Pardon the serious case of red-eye.

Gotta go, it's past my time here. Hopefully I get off this call soon. I would like to go home before the sun sets. Arrggggggggg!

Ok, gotta go now.


Anonymous said...

Peace! I'm not a Lurkness Monster! I like your site, and I'm a "Novice Knitter & Blogger". :)

Check out my site!

Let me know if you want me to add you to the Ya-Yarn Sisterhood....

DivaCatscratch said...

Blue is so your color!