Friday, April 14, 2006

How could I forget....

Oh yeah, I forgot to share all of the new projects I just placed in queue. I can't have an small UFO, or even no UFO pile {{gasps}} .

I'll start with my wonderful socks. I'm on the top ribbing, and I'm loving it. The colorway of this yarn is just sooooo pretty. And I can't wait to finish. Maybe I'll get at least one sock done this weekend. I'm on the leaf pattern now. It's not really that hard.

This pattern is from the Winter 2005 Interweave Knits. The one with the ballerina wrap on the cover. I can't wait to see how the leaves turn out. Oh joy, and joy in the good old fashioned morning.

Ok, now onto the other stuff. I bought all of this yarn from Italy (oh yeah I never posted pics). I'll do that this weekend. I have like 5 projects in mind for it. I just have to match up the gauge.

I think I'm going to start another Celebrity Shawl. I was definately loving the pattern. I may need to sit down and give myself a real tutorial this time around. B/c honestly, mine looks nothing like everyone elses. I know that seems to be my claim to fame. But just once, I would like something to end up as it should. It's a mess I tell you.

I'm also doing another Glampyre pattern. I'm a fan of her work. I've decided to do the Tubular Cami. The yarn I have that matches the gauge of this pattern comes in two colors Ha, more like i bought it in both colors. I'm not a decision maker people.

Anywhooter, I'm also making Fad-Classic Tank over at Knit & Tonic. I haven't tried vests yet, so this should be fun. I like this b/c it reminds me of a crochet tank.

Oh, and I just remembered I bought the pattern for the One Skein Wonder. I guess I was a little pattern happy a while back.

There's more, but I'm still going through my pile of mags/books.

I may try to get through the socks, and the one skein wonder this weekend. Pen & Jen's is closed this Saturday, so I'm a little orphaned on the knitting group scene. I missed it last weekend, so I'm really not happy about not being able to go this week. I feel temporarily orphaned.

Anyone out there in the knitting world know of a group in the essex county area of NJ, or in Manhattan. HAVE NEEDLES, WILL TRAVEL.

Just for Saturday, morning/mid-morning. 'That'll be great, thanks'

Gotta go, gotta Leave

Vieses to the Pieces :P


Necia said...

Hey There,

Linked to you from the Sister Friends Group. I know of a knitting group that meets on Wed in Jersey City, prolly to far for you to travel. I also know of another one that meets several times a month in Manhattan. If you go to and do a search for Sit N Knit NY, you should be good to go. I love that group, and recommend it wholeheartedly. BTW, my queue of patterns to knit is so dang long I won't even type it out. I'm so jealous you got to visit Italy. Must be nice!

Dulcedosa said...


I LOVE THAT SOCK PATTERN! I MUST HAVE IT! Going to lurk the internet for that magazine and some pretty sock yarn now.

Dulcedosa said...

I FOUND IT! As luck would have it. I already have the Winter 2005 issue. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Now, to find the perfect sock yarn.