Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogging is the best thing since sliced bread. No really!

Okay, let's just say I have the absolute shortest tension spans ever. Which is a nightmare when you work on a PC Helpdesk. Yes, I am a headset wearer.

So while I sit on the phone with someone who insists on declaring that everything I have to say is wrong, and there can't be an easy fix to their issue.....I need something to do. I mean, I can always get sucked into the madness and argue my point on how I just may know what the hell I'm talking about. But I know one day, i'm going to need that extra breath. So I blog. Yes I blog blog blog.

Update the template of my blog (it's becoming an obsession), post a comment here and there, and read other peoples blog.

General blogs, humor blogs, techy blogs, GOSSIP Blogs (there's got to be a support group out there for this one), and of course I read knitting blogs, I love to see what other people are working on. I'm pretty much all about knitting 98% of the time. I try to stay in the know, but some of the stuff I find out's amazing to say the least (i.e

***OH, warning it's not for the kiddies. Well, it's no more than you see in health. But still, I warn for the parents who monitor.

No where was I...oh yeah blogging. I also love to see how people up customize their pages. I'm always viewing the page source just to peek around a bit. It's the techy in me. But one thing I noticed, Progress bars. I've been seeing progress bars popping up left and right. So naturally, I want one. It's a cool little feature. Not the easiest thing to google but what can you do. I did manage to find the site Unlikely Words. This site has the code, and the breakdown of how to use it. Check it out for yourself. I added mine to the sidebar. Did a little customizing to the color sequence. It looks wonderful.

Oh, but a while back I came across a blog that had a progress with the actual pics of the projects. It was like little sketches of a sweater if you were working on a sweater, and a sock if you were working on a sock. Anyone out there if you see that can you tell me where i can get the script for this or the person who's writing the code. Help would be appreciated. If I find it, I will definitely post the source here.

I would post the progress of my sock, but honestly I really don't feel like walking upstairs. My room is the devil. It just sucks the life out of me. So I never get anything accomplished once I get in there. Yeah it's crazy. My room looks like a war zone b/c I haven't had the energy to do anything about it. See the damn devil.

Well I guess that's it for now. Oh, this going to be a busy be weekend. I'm going to try to make it that new shop KnittyCity. I'm not sure what time, b/c I'm going to the Car Show at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC AND the Chinatown food festival in the Canal area....Yummmmm!

So, hoping to have more posts tomorrow. Fridays are slow at work, i'll pack my camera tonight.

Over and Outty

Viesillaly Piecillaly


Calling Kahlo said...

I like the design of your blog. I slowly make changes to mine.

yarn_nut said...


I found your blog after you visited mine and I think I'll keep coming back. It's super funny and we seem to have the same taste in knitting projects. I also have the Tubular Cami by Glampyre in the queue as well as other things. We should do KAL's together and see what we turn out with.

kim said...

I swear I thought I was the only one who peeks at people's source code while I'm reading their blogs!!! My degree is in IT and I'm always looking around to see how I can improve my blog (which I haven't even begun yet outside of changing the color) and to just see how someone did something.

Anonymous said...

I now have progress bars on my blog thanks to you!

DivaCatscratch said...

Yeah, different...LOL

Anonymous said...

Here's one link, Knitting Pinki:

Also, here's a couple of links to progress bar topics at Knitter's Review:

Hope that helps!

Elaine said...

OH!! I did helpdesk and had to deal with the most annoyingly insipid people EVER! I don't envy you that!