Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogging is the best thing since sliced bread. No really!

Okay, let's just say I have the absolute shortest tension spans ever. Which is a nightmare when you work on a PC Helpdesk. Yes, I am a headset wearer.

So while I sit on the phone with someone who insists on declaring that everything I have to say is wrong, and there can't be an easy fix to their issue.....I need something to do. I mean, I can always get sucked into the madness and argue my point on how I just may know what the hell I'm talking about. But I know one day, i'm going to need that extra breath. So I blog. Yes I blog blog blog.

Update the template of my blog (it's becoming an obsession), post a comment here and there, and read other peoples blog.

General blogs, humor blogs, techy blogs, GOSSIP Blogs (there's got to be a support group out there for this one), and of course I read knitting blogs, I love to see what other people are working on. I'm pretty much all about knitting 98% of the time. I try to stay in the know, but some of the stuff I find out's amazing to say the least (i.e

***OH, warning it's not for the kiddies. Well, it's no more than you see in health. But still, I warn for the parents who monitor.

No where was I...oh yeah blogging. I also love to see how people up customize their pages. I'm always viewing the page source just to peek around a bit. It's the techy in me. But one thing I noticed, Progress bars. I've been seeing progress bars popping up left and right. So naturally, I want one. It's a cool little feature. Not the easiest thing to google but what can you do. I did manage to find the site Unlikely Words. This site has the code, and the breakdown of how to use it. Check it out for yourself. I added mine to the sidebar. Did a little customizing to the color sequence. It looks wonderful.

Oh, but a while back I came across a blog that had a progress with the actual pics of the projects. It was like little sketches of a sweater if you were working on a sweater, and a sock if you were working on a sock. Anyone out there if you see that can you tell me where i can get the script for this or the person who's writing the code. Help would be appreciated. If I find it, I will definitely post the source here.

I would post the progress of my sock, but honestly I really don't feel like walking upstairs. My room is the devil. It just sucks the life out of me. So I never get anything accomplished once I get in there. Yeah it's crazy. My room looks like a war zone b/c I haven't had the energy to do anything about it. See the damn devil.

Well I guess that's it for now. Oh, this going to be a busy be weekend. I'm going to try to make it that new shop KnittyCity. I'm not sure what time, b/c I'm going to the Car Show at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC AND the Chinatown food festival in the Canal area....Yummmmm!

So, hoping to have more posts tomorrow. Fridays are slow at work, i'll pack my camera tonight.

Over and Outty

Viesillaly Piecillaly

Friday, April 14, 2006

How could I forget....

Oh yeah, I forgot to share all of the new projects I just placed in queue. I can't have an small UFO, or even no UFO pile {{gasps}} .

I'll start with my wonderful socks. I'm on the top ribbing, and I'm loving it. The colorway of this yarn is just sooooo pretty. And I can't wait to finish. Maybe I'll get at least one sock done this weekend. I'm on the leaf pattern now. It's not really that hard.

This pattern is from the Winter 2005 Interweave Knits. The one with the ballerina wrap on the cover. I can't wait to see how the leaves turn out. Oh joy, and joy in the good old fashioned morning.

Ok, now onto the other stuff. I bought all of this yarn from Italy (oh yeah I never posted pics). I'll do that this weekend. I have like 5 projects in mind for it. I just have to match up the gauge.

I think I'm going to start another Celebrity Shawl. I was definately loving the pattern. I may need to sit down and give myself a real tutorial this time around. B/c honestly, mine looks nothing like everyone elses. I know that seems to be my claim to fame. But just once, I would like something to end up as it should. It's a mess I tell you.

I'm also doing another Glampyre pattern. I'm a fan of her work. I've decided to do the Tubular Cami. The yarn I have that matches the gauge of this pattern comes in two colors Ha, more like i bought it in both colors. I'm not a decision maker people.

Anywhooter, I'm also making Fad-Classic Tank over at Knit & Tonic. I haven't tried vests yet, so this should be fun. I like this b/c it reminds me of a crochet tank.

Oh, and I just remembered I bought the pattern for the One Skein Wonder. I guess I was a little pattern happy a while back.

There's more, but I'm still going through my pile of mags/books.

I may try to get through the socks, and the one skein wonder this weekend. Pen & Jen's is closed this Saturday, so I'm a little orphaned on the knitting group scene. I missed it last weekend, so I'm really not happy about not being able to go this week. I feel temporarily orphaned.

Anyone out there in the knitting world know of a group in the essex county area of NJ, or in Manhattan. HAVE NEEDLES, WILL TRAVEL.

Just for Saturday, morning/mid-morning. 'That'll be great, thanks'

Gotta go, gotta Leave

Vieses to the Pieces :P

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shrinking UFO's

My UFO pile is shrinking. Yes yes, I've been busy at work. I've managed to finsih several projects. I'm quite proud of myself too. Rainy weekends are my new best friend.

Hmm lets see. Oh yes yes, the weekend satchel.....Je Fini! It looks totally different from the bag in the mag, but hey...I love it anyway.

Dior the superdog volunteered to be a background model. Isn't he a cutie?

Oh yeah the bag...
Like I said in the previous post, I kind of messed up on the strap. I don't know how I do that. I followed this pattern stitch by stitch. Ehh, my bag is funky. So I like it. It's really huge, haha. I carried it most of this week. The general reactions were...'wow you made that? that's nice...damn that's a big *ss bag.' haha, it is huge. I think that's what I like best about it. The hugeness of it. Oh, and it's suprisingly sturdy. I have put it to the test. Listerine bottles, 2 listerine bottles. Now that's strong.

Now, some UFO's from last year. I loved the Mini Sweater much, I made myself another one. so But this time, I made it in this funky doodle ribbon yarn. I love the colors on this, and can't wait to wear it. It was definately fun to work with. I'm thinking about adding two rhinestone buttons to the collar and two at the bottom for closure. I think this baby will go good with some blingy-bling. I'm finding that the ribbon has a little bit more give to it, which is always a good thing. I wonder if I'll be able to wash it. That's the burning question. I bought this yarn off of ebay. No labeling at all. So we shall see.

Now onto the another last yearer. See, I have knitting tantrums. When somehting doesn't go right...I drop it like a bad habit. This bad boy was supposed to be a poncho. But for some reason, I followed the pattern for a Medium. Now i'm not sure if you can tell from past pics, but there's nothing Medium about this chicadee. Trying to get there, but not quite there yet.

This Poncho was supposed to be a zippered poncho from the Vogue: Poncho's on the go book. It's really a nice pattern, but uhhh it was too small.

But the funny thing about it, I'm a little poncho'd out. Wait, let me do a disclaimer. This statement excludes the very first poncho I ever made. It's oversized (really really oversized), and I knit it in this pinkish LB Homespun color. It's just the prettiest thing. I love this thing like a security blanket. But outside of this, i'm a little done with ponchos for a while. My lastest obsession is wraps. Long wraps, short wraps. Knit/'t matter.

Oh yeah, my poncho gone wrong turned into my capelet gone right (after severe 'put your elbow into it' blocking. Which reminds me, I need a blocking board bad. The bed is just not cutting it. I'll have to just fork over the money. Well my birthday is coming up, maybe I can get someone to go half with me. Or something...

So yeah back to this capelet. It's really cute! I wore it yesterday, I think it cand stand another round of blocking or just a wet stretch. But overall, it's a keeper. So the moral of this story (haha), we here at 'Wing It' international will never make anything in vein b/c there's always plan b: Wing the hell out of it! Haha, Coffee is a hell of a drug. Oh yeah, and here's some fuzzy pics. It's hard taking pics of yourself in mirror when you have a capelet on. I don't know why.

Let's see what else did I finish...Ah yes, the celebrity shawl. Well that counts as a partial finish. My tension span kindly let me know that at the rate I was going, there's no way in haven I was going to finish that one. So, I did 30% of it and gave it to one of my best friends for her birthday. And you know what? She loves it, I mean really really loves it. Talk about motivation! Now I want to make another one. I think I'll make mine in a multi colored cotton. The shawl is pictured like 2 or 3 posts before this one. Or you can check January. Yeah, I'm a blogging slacker what can I say.

Well gotta go.....