Friday, March 17, 2006

Today is a new day!!!!

First I must apologize for my previous depressing note. I know it was not my normal chirpy self. But I was lost.

But now I am found! Yes, I'm back. It took a pretty little bawl of yarn to bring me back. Well not little. It's actually a 360 yard ball of happiness, a.k.a Socks That Rock.

I would like to thank Trek for posting this beautiful yarn. It's funny, I was just drowning in my own funk, when I received approval for the NJ Knitters ring from Trek. I went to her site and fell in love.

I will now make sock using this beauty right here >

Isn't she a beauty??? I plan on dropping everything I'm doing to make these. Well, I will when my yarn gets here.

But now that I am back....(from outta space, I can finally wipe that look up off my face). I'm sorry, I have a thing for old disco songs.

Okay, so now that I'm back. Let's play catch up. We've already covered the yarn experience in Florence. I do have one correction. I spent $68 Euro. When you see what I bought, you will be amazed that I only spent that much.

I'll wait to debut the intended projects later on tonight. I want to post the actual yarn with it for the full effect.

In other knitting news, not working on much, just the Sesame sweater from previous posts. I basically have the back done, so that's an accomplishment. I need to finish it. It would a great spring sweater.

Ok, gotta go know. Ten more minutes until I'm free to go get blasted from Green Beer. Hey, it's St Patty's day, and how does the saying go...'When in Rome..'

Side Note: it feels weird saying that in Rome. I felt like @ss every time I said it. I don't know why.

ehh, anywho


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