Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've temporarily lost my knitting mojo...

People, I have a problem. And not the usual yarn buying problem (that's always going to be a problem); I {{sniff sniff}} have hit a knitting rut.

I seem to have lost my Knitting Mojo!

{{gasps}} No not the knitting Mojo....say it aint so SNS, say it aint so.

Yes my friends, I'm totally numb on the knitting side. I'm just knitting a sweater I never finished b/c it's something to do. It's disgusting I tell you. Don't get me wrong, I want this sweater. Hell I started it last year. It just wasn’t at the top of my list.

Wanna know how bad it is? I went on vacation, had a blast. I even found the famous Campolmi in Florence. I spent 80 Euros for regular size balls of yarn & 2 large hanks (400grams) of ....hell i don't even know what weight/material i bought. I just know, it's grey and soft. that's all i can say.

I just don't know. I'm thinking it's a residual feeling i'm having about the last couple of projects not turning out the way I wanted them too. Mainly my weekend satchel. I'm so so so so heartbroken. everything was going to plan. the intarsia came out great. i even made it though the sewing part (which is a challenge).

{{yes, I am needle & thread challenged}}

But, it's the straps. I effed up on the straps. They are short as hell. Don't know how, b/c I could have sworn I made them too big. So now I have a bag, w/ no straps.

And the kicker, it's felted... no frogging :(

It's effing sad, a strapless bag.

I'm going to go sing my version of the Ne-yo so sick song...

Said i'm so sick of eff ups, so tired of busts. So sick of wishing it came out right.




sahara said...

Aw no! I understand though. After a number of mistakes, sometimes you have to sit back.

I know it's not the vision, but can you use some other handles to sew on your bag?

As for the other projects…I'm in the shop every weekend except for Easter. Bring in your work, and I'll help finish

Anonymous said...

I googled "I've lost my knitting mojo and found your blog. I am just bummed that my passion ended up turning into a part time job. I teach at a lys and the shop owner announced at a teacher's meeting that she wanted finished samples completed before posting classes, which is fine, I guess, but less people are taking the classes now than when I had no samples. Then I look at some new things and nothing inspires me. Perhaps it is the deluge of snow, but I have taken to finishing things and freeing up bags and that seems to be helping and I don't think I enjoy teaching (at least at that shop!) and just want to go back to knitting for me and my family. Maybe we are not as easily impressed as we used to be.