Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Itarsia, dun dun dun dun....

Okay, I've startte the front of my bag. I pushed my fears aside, and I started adding in the red.

Let just say, it's not impossible...but it's not the easiest thing to do either. It's a bit on the awkward side. And of course, me being me, I have the holes b/c I didn't twist properly. Which is interesting b/c I followed the instructins fromKnitting Help, but I still ended up with the holes. It's ok, for now. I'll just go back and secure everything this time. I'm on a time crunch for this bag. I need to have this thing felted by no later than the 3rd. So I can order that hex frame. I need this bag for Italy, and i'm leaving on the tenth.

Speaking of Italy, has anyone out there been to a LYS in Rome??? Anyone?

Ok, back to the bag. I had to leave it at home, traveling with all the strings is a bit much. I'll put a major dent when I go to my knitting circle this weekend. I have to get to smiley's I believe I'm going to be short two balls in the brown, and I may need another ball of red.

Yeah well, gotta go do some work.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Don't ya wanna Panta, updates, progress, FO's, some WIP's, and other little tiddlibits.....

Hmm, where should we start. I have a lot of juicy tidbits.

Well, I guess we'll start with the delurking thing that I missed last week. I'm always missing something. Missed the damn Secret Pal once again. So um, oh yeah. I putting the Delurking button over at the right b/c i think it's the cutest. So what delurk week is over. I operate on my own time line over here. It's my world over here at SNS.

Ahh yeah, moving right along. I guess we can go with some '05 finished objects. It's not all, but it's what I had laying around last night.

Yarn: Manos of Uruguay (moss)
Needle: Size 5
I have almost half a ball left over. It was a relatively quick project if I say so myself.

Here is a Shawl rap thingy
Yarn: Blizzard (tan)
Needle: size 15
My beautiful hat/scarf set
Yarn: Nahua Wooly Stripe (lilac)
Needle: size 9

Okay, I think that's it for the FO. Now onto the almost doner. The illustrious weekend satchel, that will be completed in less than a month. It's my first knit-along that i'm well alonging (it's my word don't bother looking it up).
Yarn: Filatura Lanarota Chaco (#66)
Needles: size 15

And now the shameful UFO's

My Celebrity shawl in some sort of Gedifra & my sad sad Colchique along sweater. I can't seem to get it together to finish these two. I have more UFO's but I dare not share the full shame of my knitting baskets.

Now that you've seen my hall of shame (well like 1% of it). I am off to post on the KAL pages.



Friday, January 13, 2006

Panta, Panta, don't cha wanna....Panta?

Hey, it's me Ole Compulsive One... :)

I've found a new pattern. It's called the Panta. I'm loving this little pattern. I've been looking for a hankerchief/headband pattern for a while now. My little princess Lavanna (who is actually my 17 year old cousin, hey she's still a princess to me), called and asked me to maker something out of a Delia's magazine...How could I refuse the princess???

Anywho, I packed some balls of yarn on the way out the door. This project is ideal b/c it's superquick & i can't get rid of all of those 1-2-3 balls of "what the hell am i going to do with this."

Now I know, and I'm so happy. Yay me....

Now what should I do, hmmm.

Will decide tomorrow.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Oooh yay, a good one...

Hellllllllo Nurse!!!! Damn I miss the animaniacs {{sigh}}. Okay so I have a lot to report. Hell I even have pictorials (it is a my world).

Let's get started with my new pride and joy. My Orange sweater it is the pretiest of sweaters! What? What was that? Why is there a stick in my sweater? Oh, see what happened was....

I found this really cool cardigan pattern, right? And I said I can make that no sweat, right? So I made it and realized toward the end that the directions were clicking, right? And basically I picked up too many stitches along the edge. Hence the ruffle effect on the left. So, I said to myself...SELF you really can't pull this off with the buttons. Especially since the hood is more of a ruffled flap instead of a hood. So now it's a cardi, a beautiful one at that. I'm using a chop stick until i find a broach, button that tickles my fancy.

I love love love love it to pieces.

that there is a KAL for the IK FALLNow on to yet another KAL, I'm going k-k-kalizy. Ahh, you like that. At any rate. I just realized 05 weekend satchel. Sweet, right? And the cool thing is I've already made a serious dent in project. I've finished the back already and currently working on the buttom strip. I only have a pic of the back. But I should be finished the bottom strip by the end of the week. Well, I've would've been done by now but I left the strip/needles/mag at my knitting circle last saturday. And they haven't recovered the.

Well gotta go now