Thursday, November 16, 2006

I guess I'm a designer now

I's a designer now! (ala Color Purple).

Well I won't go as far as to say that I'm a full fledge designer, but I did design a cabled scarf for my friend Reema. She wanted to make a Cabled scarf for herself, and wasn't sure what to do. So I came up with a simple pattern with seed stitch border. I'm pretty proud of myself. It's a scarf but I did it from scratch. So here's the pattern if anyone wants. I did the wrote it out as well as charted.

Pattern: Reema's 'Leaving on the Next Plane' Scarf
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride
Sl = Slip
St(s) = Stitch(s)
Cn = Cable needle
CO = Cast On

C4f = Sl 2 sts to cn & hold in front, k next 2sts, then k 2sts from cn
C4b = Sl 2 sts to cn & hold in back, k next 2sts, then k 2sts from cn

CO: 26 sts
Row 1: *p,k* Repeat ** to the end of row
Row 2: *k,p* Repeat ** to the end of row
Row 3: p, k3, p8, k2, p8, k2, p, k
Row 4: k, p3, c4b, c4f, p2, c4b, c4f, p2, k, p
Row 5: p, k3, p8, k2, p8, k2, p, k
Row 6: k, p3, k8, p2, k8, p2, k, p
Row 7: p, k3, p8, k2, p8, k2, p, k
Row 8: k, p3, k8, p2, k8, p2, k, p

* Repeat rows 3-8 until desired length.

This will be in a link on the sidebar later. Oh, I have this pattern in a word doc for anyone that ones it. Just email me:

I don't have any progress pics, but will have some by the weekend. More like Sunday b/c I'm going to the Billion Dollar Babes event Saturday. So much for budgeting!



Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Hday to all who celebrate it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Okay, this spinning thing is not as easy as I thought it would be. I can get the yarn to twist, but I can't get the drop spindle to...spin. I twist it on my leg, but as soon as i let it go it turns in the opposite direction unwinding everything. Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong here. I'll have to watch the knitty gritty show again.

In other news, I have more pics to upload but blogger keeps timing out. Luckily, there's other options.

So I bring you Rhinebeck part deux:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can you tell how much I bought? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh, I finally bought a swift and a yarn meter.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now I will officially be able to sell some of the oddball yarn in my house.

And last but not least, here is the Tahki pattern I've been working on. It seems like it's taking forever!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Basket Full of Firsts...

Ahh, the first time. The excitement, the anticipation, the feeling of conquering something for the first time.

Well over the past couple of weeks, I had...well, a basket full of firsts. Yay Me.

While working on my sock (my first sock), I managed to conquer the whole heel/gusset/instep thing flawlessly (so shocked). And here's the product of that:
Leaves sock
I'm quite proud of myself for that one. Now to only finish the darn thing. And one day, get to the other one.

I received my first order from Hancock fabrics. Loving them right now.
So I get this wonderful box yesterday, and look at what's inside.....I had to stop working on my No-Sweat Pants b/c I ran out of yarn. Of course the Bella Vista colorway was discontinued. But after some serious searching, I found it at hancock fabrics. Yay them. So here's the pic of what I've accomplished so far with this pants.

It's coming along, I may have them done before the winter is over.

This oversized tomato was only 99 cents. Definitely a first. I thought I was only getting this small cushion box. When I opened the box i was so happy. I can put all kinds of stuff in that bad boy.

Nice right?

anyway, the ultimate first went down this past weekend.....Rhinebeck! It was a first definitely not the last. I met up with a Jee from SNB yahoo group, and we carpooled it up there. It was a great drive. The leaves had already turned, and it was gorgeous. I don't have many pics, b/c when I got the I lost my mind. I did manage stop and and check out the mini zoo.

Rhinebeck: Kangaroo
Oh, another first.....I saw a Kangaroo up close and personal.Isn't he the cutest? It was pretty cool. There were Lemur monkeys, but all I could think of was Madagascar. 'I like to move it move it,' haha. See...Rhinebeck: Lemur Monkey
I was tried feeding goats. I'm sorry people, but having a goat tongue going across your hand has the be the nastiest feeling in the world. EWWW!

Now on to the good stuff:

I'm just going to post a couple, you guys can check out my flicr (look to the right) for additional pics. Nice
my first successful spin
I spun my first bit of yarn. What do you think?

I also bought books, but I can't upload the pics b/c blogger sucks.

Gotta go, will post later

Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is why I can't get a damn thing done....

Mini Post:

I have this on going war with one of my best friends. It's a video war on myspace (if you have nothing to do you can check it out at the war is with geekgirl.

Anyway, lately I've been spending all my time reading gossip blogs (i.e and doing warring with my friend. And I just knew I had her this week. I thought I shut it down with this....

Now you have to admit, that's some funny ish! I almost passed out when I sent her this. Now normally, it's neck & neck with this thing. But she totally blew me out of the water earlier with this!

And let's just say that she won this round.

Well, why I'm here I'll talk about knitting. I've found that Urban Outfitters is a very dangerous place to play. But I love going to the site b/c they sell the cutest (over-priced) sweaters. Especially the ones by Free People. I just noticed something; they (i only call them they b/c i don't know their names individually-for my kat william fans out there) design the cutest sweaters for guys. Yeah the sweaters in the 'women's section' is funny but the men's sweater are really funky. Like this one right here. It's a popcorn stitch pull over. Easy enough right?


I think I can easily substitute a stockinette sticth for sometime of popcornish stitch.

And I do realize that I do my planning then displaying of the knitting on this site. But I swear that I'm knitting, no really I am. I'll show progress shots soon.

I've decided to work on two other sweaters until I can find what the yarn I want. Updates to come.

Tired Now!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some times I just don't know what to do with myself...

There I said. Isn't admitting your issue a step towards...well sanity. The down side of this knitting ADD is I can't get it together. I have more UFOs then I can count. I'm sure that's a lot of knitter out there. But it's really getting out of hand here. I have like 40 million projects I want to do for the fall (new projects mind you). Not to mention the ones I would love to finish from last year. And what's making the whole situation crazy as hell, is I can't seem to get it together enough to knit b/c I can't find the right yarn for the Cycle Aran Sweater. I want yarn similar to the yarn used in the pattern. Of course the yarn she used is discontinued. I have yarn coming out of every crevice of my flipping house, but none of it's right. So I guess you can say I'm having a knitting hissy fit. It's dumb I know, but that's the spoiled monster in me. I want what I want, and I want it now. Arggh! I'm going to try Smiley's Yarn this weekend. They are having a big sale, so it's worth the trek to Brooklyn. And while I'm there, I'm hoping they have Homespun 'bella vista' b/c I officially run out. I thought I had more. And now, I can't find it anywhere. You know why, b/c it's discontinued. So I'm hoping I don't have to start all over again. If so, that will be the 1st project put on the next year list.

I see the Holiday Vogue is avail. Have to pic that up this weekend. You know what I haven't picked up in a while....Family Circle Knitting. It was the first knitting mag that got me hooked. It was one of their holiday editions. I plan on making the Moose booties, now that I have someone to make them for...YAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME!

Oh, I changed my site in support of Breast Cancer awareness. Check GO PINK! for more details. Thanks to Erica B. for the heads up.

Sorry for the rant. But had to get it out.



Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm back from outerspace, no really!

Whew, it's been a while. But you know what, i've been on a semi-timeout. Well mainly, it's been busy here at work and I rarely turn my machine on at home. Oh, don't act like most of you would be on all the time, if you didn't do it from work.

First things first! I have an announcement. I am the new proud Godmother of a baby girl named Tanji. She's the miracle baby. I would tell you why but that would take too long to explain. But look at her isn't she the prettiest little someone?!?
My pretty pretty princess!

Okay, so I stopped i was doing the day after she was born. And this is what I ended up with a couple of days later. This right here is what I love about crocheting. The fast, simple, beauty of it. Well for me, my knitting skills are not up to this level of speed.
Tanji's first blankey
And here she is sleeping w/ another shot of the blankey.
Tanji with her blankey

I cannot wait to make her all types of sweaters and other cute baby items. Yay!

Now onto me, my razo tank is so almost finished....I should be smacked in the head witha moldy sock for not having it done. No really, I should. I'm down to one strap. Not two but one. I've tried it on, it fits perfectly. So what summer is over, so what I could have been wearing it all the time. Ehh, what are you going to do. So I guess it's time to admit to another condition.


yeah, that's a good name for it. sad I tell you.

anywhoot, I found the perferct yarn for the Cycling Aran. Yeah, I went shopping in my closet. Apparently I have a mini-warehouse in my room. I was look for every bit of Homespun I can find in my house. Apparently, the 'bella vista' colorway has been discontinued. Why, I do not know. It's ten times better than some of their other off balanced colors. But I guess that's just my opion. So, I've been trying to figure out if I have enough to complete the pants. Hancock Fabricks the color in stock, and I wanted to be sure to order enought to complete the pants & the matching sweatshirt (hood sweater, but we will pretend that it's a sweatshirt). Wow, I totally forgot that I was discussing the Cycling Aran. Gotta work on this ADD thing.Well, I came across the yarn I bought from Florence. It's brown, with multi-color specs throughout. I have to upload a picture later. I'm going to swatch it (haha, i said swatch) this weekend. Hopefully the gauge is too off. I'm crossing my fingers on this one.

Ok, the No-Sweat Pants. Started these on Monday, I'm at the thigh of the one part. It just dawned on me that I probably could have done this in the round. Which urks me, b/c I'm too far to turn back now. Yeah well, if I decide to make another pair.

Clappy, all I can say is that I'm getting there. There will be progress shots later. I just joined a couple of KAL's. One being the Fall Cables Kal. I also plan on making a pair of cabled legwarmers from the latest K1 magazine. It's a couple of things in the latest Vogue Knitting that I would like to make.I will sit down and do my to-do list over the weekend. I also joined Soctoberfest, b/c I am determined to finish my socks. I may have to start over b/c I lost my place. That's will be annoying.

That's all for now. Will update again this weekend.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Remember a while back, I mentioned that I wanted to try designing/writing up my own pattern.

Well, I think I have found my inspiration. I was flipping through the latest Elle Mag, and what did I find...Miss Kimora rocking the illest dress for her Baby Phat Ad. Naturally, I must have this dress. I went to the site, it's not for sale. So it may not even be Baby Phat. So, I say what I always say. 'I can make that!' But this time, I actually can. Well at least I can give it a try. It's a ribbed cowl neck dress with bell sleeves. And get this, the dress is completely ribbed. Easy enough, right?

BP Dress

The only problem, I have no idea where to start. None what's so ever. The dress appears to be done in a very small gauge. Yeah, we're going to try to do it on 10's or higher. I'm a little to slow of a knitter to do it at a smaller gauge. I'm going to use the yarn I bought from Odd job. Hopefully I have enough. We shall see.

Oh, the razor is coming along. I bought Susan Bates needles (metal). I'm going much faster now that I don't have to fight it. It's starting to become one of those endless knitting projects. I've knitted about 12" of the tank, but it feels like i've knitted 50". Ehh, what are you going to do?

Razor progress

I'm only working on one project now, so don't have that much to update. Oh, I bought the Knit Simple magazine. It looks like cables are really in this season. I'm loving this Cardi from the front cover. There's a cabled vest that I've got my eye on, but I'll see what's what after I start my the Cycling Aran.

Off to my first attempt on the dress. Yeah, so all you designers out there...if you have any tips they will greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My SP is the greatest

First things first: Thank you SP for my package. I am truly spoiled. I've already found a pattern for my sock yarn. It has the prettiest colorway. I did a partial swatch for it already.

Ok, so SP here's a virtual hug {{HUGGIES}}.
My package contains handmade soap, lip balm, and German Sock yarn (so pretty).

Ok, I've come up with a solution to the sticky/stiff situation with the needles. I've just loosened my stitches. Don't get me wrong I don't knit super-tight, just snug enough to have neat stitches. Right now, it doesn't look bad. So that's a good thing. It has sped up the process. Yay Me! I have to get this done before the month is over (haha, who am I fooling). No later than the 1st week in August. I want to do the fad classic before the season is over. I might continue to do the tanks in the fall. I know I will definately be doing another Ballet Sweater. Since it's such a quick project I can easily throw it in there.

Then, I'll be in the clear for the Cycling Aran (see previous post). Oh joy, it will be after labor day. So, I can buy yarn for it. I'm going to hold off on buying yarn until I buy the yarn for this sweater. Speaking of not buying yarn. I'm doing soooo good with the SOS. I haven't bought an ounce of yarn. I've passed over sales, and everything. Sweet, right? So, in conclusion that means that I really don't need to buy yarn in the quantities that I buy them.

Ewww, that didn't even sound right. Yuck, I promise to never say that again.

Anywho, gotta go.

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Friday!

Happy Friday everyone. I didn't do the YouTube Monday vid (basically b/c I forgot). But, that's okay. I have a funny for you.

I'm loving the Young Joc-It's going down song like the next man, but submitting failed attempts to master the dance to you tube is not the way to go.

At any rate, this is to funny not to share:

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's growing

I'm making progress on the Razor Tank. I'm loving the project b/c the pattern is pretty basic, but small needles are rough. I'm not a fast knottier so it's like I do 2-5 rows a day. Part of the problem is that I'm using Bamboo needles (crystal palace at that) with acrylic. It's been a fight, so I'm going to purchase metal needles to see if that will speed things up a bit. It should, if not at least make it a smoother process. This tank has been hard on the wrists.

Rzr Tank Progress

And speaking of Crystal Palace; Am I the only one that has come to the conclusion that Crystal Palace (bamboo) needles are OVER PRICED CRAP!

I literally despise these needles. Let's start with both sz 15 circulars, shall we? First it was the insane squeaking (drove me batty). Then if that wasn't enough, the damn thing fell apart on me. Falling apart meaning, the cord came out of that little socket thingy. And you know the funny thing about that? I call myself upgrading to these needles b/c the plastic Bryspun (sp) did the same effing thing. So much for upgrading. Now on to the lovely sz4 i'm using now. The yarn keeps getting stuck on the metal socket thingy. Adding to my struggle. So, it's pretty much a wrap on Crystal Palace.

I'm going to stick with Susan Bates/Clover. So far I have no complaints.

In other news, Stitch Diva is hosting a knitting/crochet cruise. It's in April 07. I've been giving it some serious thought. Sailing through tropical islands like St. Thomas (where my ex from HS is currently residing) knitting & crocheting for ~2k. It doesn't seem like a bad deal. The only thing about this about it, is the time. Every year I travel overseas in Feb. This year I'm planning to go to London (or Spain). I'm not going to be able to get away with back to back vacations. I'll have to see how I'm going to work this.

Anywho, gotta go do some work now. Later People!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Maybe I'll get some knitting done if....

If I can stop watching these damn You Tube clips! I told someone earlier that YouTube is the devil.

It is isn't it. It really is the devil. But no, it's very addictive. Like take this little clip from Dave Chapelle about 2pac. I had to watch this like 2 times in the row. I still may watch it again before the night is over. This is funny. Then earlier, I stumbled onto a little vid of Tom Cruise doing the 'It's going down' Dance. Yes, then I was able to finally catch B's new video. I'm so loving her right now. See you get the point, I've been glued to the net all day. So not a productive day.

Ehh, what are you going to do. I did manage to get past my first five rows of the Razor tank. It's coming along. I realize now that it would be coming along much faster if I were using metal circulars as opposed to bamboo. B/C I feel like I'm fighting for my life with this yarn. It's a pretty decent acrylic, but obviously no friend of bamboo. So this weekend, I'm picking the metals.

I have that new project itch. It's bad. I wanted to at least put a bigger dent into the clapper before starting again. I'll fight it as much as possible, but I can't promise anything. I want to do something quick and cute. It's summer after all. I need another quickie to hold me over. Wow, I sound like a junkie. I may just start the unbiased really quickly. Oooooh, I know maybe a quick felted tote. I'll figure out something tonight. Yes, something with big needle. Yeah that'll do the trick.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Happily Dappily Monday!

Yay, it's Monday YAY! Ok, I'm really not happy. But eh, I'm going to pretend. Maybe that will make the day go faster. I'll let you know how that works later.

Ok, so in honor of Happy Monday. Here's the cutest video that I found on YouTube (which is like the coolest site BTW).

So am I the only one that wants a kitten now! It really doesn't help that I kept seeing stray kittens all week. I have this animal rescue thing going on, but I couldn't catch any of them. They just ran :(

One the kittens look like the one from the pic above.

Ok, in knitting news. Why cannot I soooo not wait for fall now. Ok, September (that's when summer of stash ends). I really want to make the Cycle Aran Sweater. I don't care if it takes me all winter, I'm making this sweater! I'm just going to put this on my progress tracker now. Hehe, just can't wait. Oh Joy!

Yes, and I found the funkiest sweater by Gedifra on 'Knitting Creations..' I'm not even sure if I'm ready to handle Entrelac. I was going to start simple with the shawl, but after seeing this sweater....we're going keep the party going on this one.

See this is why I'm so addicted to reading blogs. I'm always finding something absolutely yummy to knit. So, yes my inspiration comes from other bloggers.

As you can see the caffeine has officially kicked in, woo hoo.

Okay, without further ado (sp) here are the progress shots:

Progress shot on the Clapper
Clap On
Clap Off
Clap On Clap Off
The Clapper!

Progress shot on the Clapper

The Ballet T
Yarn: Acrylic (big lots), and Bernat Matrix
Start: June 14, 2006
Finish: June 20, 2006 (yes, it was a quickie)
Knit again?: Oh yeah! Planning on doing one in pink, should be nice. I know I did this in the last post, but it's not official until you get a picture.
Finished Ballet Sweater From Loop D Loop

Sometime ago, Amy left me a comment about knitting groups in the Metro area (so I assume). I go to one in Maplewood NJ at Pen & Jens. I hear there is one on Mondays at the Barnes & Noble (route 22 location, springfield nj). I know there's a boat load of them in the City. Actually, there are a lot of SNB meetups, you can check yahoo groups.

So Amy, I hope that helps.

Update on the whole sewing situation. Me, and the old sewing machine in my house have officially gotten to know each other. Now, all I have to do it buy the pattern for the dress I want to make. I discovered that I had the perfect material right under my bed. I have a lot of things that lurk under my bed. Some good, some not so good. But that's another story.

Recapping the 4th, I basically didn't do any knitting. I just hung out with the family. Here's the cutest pic of my Mini Me. Yes, I have a mini me don't be jealous.
I shall Call Her Mini Me!

Oh, and I don't know what if you heard about NJ being shutdown last week. Lets just say that this was a very very unhappy time for me. I am a true beach bum. The beaches opened sunday, and I was damned near the first one there. Yes, I was out my house like 7:30 am. See don't I look dandy. Just as dark as I want to be, and I'm loving it. Ok, smooches!

The Beaches are open! The Beaches are open!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My love for the Mail man has officially grown

I'm sure I'm not the only one on this. But, I love my mail man. He's brings me the goodies. This weeks goodies is my first shipment of Knitting books from my subscription to Crafter's Choice Book Club. They don't have the biggest knitting collection, but it's a good thing I didn't join for that.

I've been working on my crafting trifecta; knitting (of course), crocheting, and sewing. Sewing is the one area in which I'm having the most troubles. I'm going to the library to get books, and just sit down with the sewing machine until I figure it all out. I have test material, i just need to get to it.

The truth of the matter, is that I'm a little intimidated by the pattern process. I don't know why, but I am. And the craziest thing. Making has been a {{secret}} passion of mine for a while. I still have my original guest book. And before we start with the pep talks, they sucked. Hahahahaha, but I loved to do it anyway. Basically, at this point in life....I understand the value of a hobby. Everything can't be about the almighty $$. I learned that when I first started knitting. I almost put the sticks down b/c making items for other people turns it into a job. Which took all the joy out of it, and naturally I didn't want to do it anymore.

I'm kind of selfish like that. Don't really like making items for others. I'd rather dish out cash, rather than make gifts. B/C I'm an 'appreciation whore!' I need to know to see that teary eyed look, when you say thank you. Otherwise, I feel like the item should be snatched back, and frogged on the spot. In that mommy dearest 'no wire hangers' breakdownish outbursty kind of way.

Haha, I guess there was a point to that...but I'm going to keep the party going b/c i just don't remember.

Hmm let's see...

FO's I finished The Ballet T.
Yarn: Acrylic (big lots), and Bernat Matrix
Start: June 14, 2006
Finish: June 20, 2006 (yes, it was a quickie)
Knit again?: Oh yeah! Planning on doing one in pink, should be nice.

The Clapper is coming along, and I realized that I am doing it right for a change. So there will be no frogging of he who claps.

I've started another project, I found another tank pattern called Razor. I like the semi-lace detailing. Slowly trying to work my way up to lace. I bought lace weight yarn in Italy, and I probably should get around to using it. No progress shots on this one. I'm just a couple of rows after the CO. Let's face it, it's not like you're going to go 'oooooh, that's a hell of a 5 rows.'

Anywho, back to why I love the mailman. He brought me the Knitter's Bible, Stitchionary, and a funky little # about refashioning you're own clothes.

And, if that's not all....

My book club shipments came, not to mention the Bare Essentials make up I ordered. Yes, this is why my mailmain is on my xmas list.

New projects on the horizon, well there's always a new project out there to be made. I'm going to try Unbiased again. I tried when I first started knitting, and it was a fiasco. No really it was that bad. But I have more sari yarn left, and I'm going to give it a go.

I'm itching to try something harder now, just not sure if it's going to be Fairisle, Entrelac, or a real Intarsia project. Hey, I may just do all three. Before I start, I just want to get further with the Razor tank. Further meaning, getting past the ribbing. I've been slow rolling lately. Well, I've been busy. Trying to get some personal stuff in order, not to mention traveling a little.

{{Sigh}} So much to do, and sooooo little time to do it in. I need one of those work from home jobs. That way I can squeeze crafty in between my work assignments.

K, bye now. I keep losing train of thought sooooooooooooooooo...Yeah

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've been digging in my crates

And it feels good....

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I joined the Summer Of Stash buying yarn for the rest of the summer. And you know what, I'm doing good. The KAL started. Basically, I swore of at the beginning of this month, and everything is peachy. No feelings of withdrawal, no tics, or anything that would require a patch.

It actually turned out to be a good thing! I've been running around like mad woman trying to find patterns for the I already own. I've even been more diligent about completing some UFO's. Speaking of Completion, Ruby has a fork in her. And the fat lady officially dusted off the vocal cords last night. I've basically been finished for like 3 weeks now. Well the knitting part anyway. I just don't like to sew, or pick up. But I think I'm getting better at it, so maybe one day I will feel better about it.

Pattern: Ruby
Yarn: Campalmi Filati Merino (bought in florence, that's all the details I have)
Start: Early May
Finish: June 14, 2006
Will you make this again: You bet your bottom dollar! (yes I actually said that) Yes, there's me in all my chunky goodness.

I'm getting through The Clapper pretty quickly, eventhough I think I made an oopsie. I have to do my first drop stitch, and I swear there maybe a potential frog in my future. Let's just cross our fingers on this one.

I started a new project. I'm making the Ballet Shirt anything in less than a weeks time. Well, with the exception of x-mas. My family decided to not do the grab bag thing from the Loop D Loop book. Betsy from my knitting group said that she did hers in 3 days. So, you know I had to make it. I haven't made less than 5 days before xmas. It was ugly people. Well back to the sweater. My mom has been buying me yarn from Big Lots. She bought a crisp white 1lb bag of acrylic. Let's just say, LOVING IT! It's so soft, so I combined 3 strands of that and a strand of novelty yarn. It's coming along so fast. I started yesterday, and I would be past the shoulders if I didn't keep messing up. I mean going back whole rows messing up. I just wanted finish by the end of the week. That would be cool. Instant gratification! Gotta love it.

What about the socks? Socks, what socks? Yeah, I'm still a little on the >:O side about losing the needle. Oooh that just burned a hole in my drawers. I'm working through my issues, bare with me.

On the horizon...I have some new potential projects:

* Ruby's sister tank, Miss Diamond. I'm hoping this tank will live up to it's name, and be my best friend. I'm thinking of using the same yarn I used for Ruby but in a different color. I loved the yarn so much, I bought it in a pink color way. I'll have to see. I wanted to use the yarn she used in the pattern, but I'm not buying yarn so...yeah.

* I found this funky little tank call Ms. Marigold. I like this, I've been on this tank kick. I guess it's the only thing keeping me from knitting like 40 million bags. I've decided that I'm going to frog my Colchique for now, b/c I'm not getting through the translation. I'll try it again in the winter I guess. I used Merino Style in Harvest from Knitpicks for the sweater. The gauge is the same, and the yarn is light enough to wear in the summer. My favorite part about this pattern is the ruffle.

* And Fad-Classic has bumped it's way up to the top two of my next projects. I'm itching to see how my cotton candish yarn mix is going to look. I should spend some time spinning at least 2 or 3 more balls so I won't have to put the project down b/c of not wanting to spin. It did take a long time to spin this yarn.

And just a quick not to all who take the time to comment. I read them all, I may not respond to all. But I love them just the same, tnx for the love.

I feel so special {{sniff sniff}}

K, gotta get to getting before this rain hits.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just a mini posti-post

Hey, just wanted to drop a couple of lines. I realized during the process of my daily blog grazing, that I did not post this week. I have to keep the weekly posting up to stay in the WWR (wonderful world of Rings). Right now, I have a 'booted' status for the Knitting Bloggers ring. It's so heartbreaking, I need to be connected. I need to be linked! {{sniff}}. Ehh, it was my own fault, falling off the blogging map on a couple of occasions. So to get back on there will be continuous posting. Something I should be doing anyway. So I guess i can thank the KB ring admins for keeping my @ss on the ball. (haha, on the ball...ball of yarn)

Well it was funny to me :P

I am finished my vest. Well we're using the word 'finish' very loosely here. I haven't picked up for the collar. Picking up scares me more than having to sew the damn thing together. I really need to take a finishing class. And just give up on my Self-Taught mojo.

I'm on hold for my socks, b/c I lost 1 out of the five of my needles. Pisssssssst, doesn't even begin to describe the situation. Man I was hot! So, now this is on hold until I can feel better about the situation.

Anywhoism, I started the Clapotis this past Saturday. I'm finally clapping like the rest. Eww, that sounds so unsanitary.

Well, gotta go. I'll post pics later.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I would like to thank, SOS, and what now?

First off I would like to thank my wonderful pal. I received my package yesterday. She sent me the prettiest squares, coordinating fabric, and a lavendar sachet. Can't wait to put that in my closet. Smells soooo good.

I have to buy a new sewing machine. The one in the house is, well sucky. This summer, I'm really going to invest my sewing abilities. I want to make summer skirts and dresses. Yes, and my first official quilt.

I have a couple of yards of a really nice floral print that would make the perfect gypsie skirt. I have a thing for those now a days. I guess it's my inner flow child attempting to come out.

I joined the Summer Of Stash KAL. This is for my insane need to buy yarn. I'm doing this in hopes to get some space. B/c amazingly enough I have other things that need to be stored other than yarn. Here is just a sample of this madness.

Oh, and here is my original package. Sorry Secret Pal, I've been a lazy bastard.

I have to find new projects so I can decrease my stash. I committed to go the whole summer without buying yarn. I have the shakes already. Yikes.

You know what's crazy, I don't have any cotton here. Haha, this will be a fun summer of knitting. I'll be making a lot of bags. Bags bags bags bags. Oh and Ipod holders, and cell phone cozies.

One thing I do want to start is a scrap blanket made of all the extra yarn I can't do anything with. I will be one huge, oversized, enormous hot mess. But it'll be mine, and i'll love it. Maybe something to pass down a couple of generations. Haha, that will be my first generational curse. The Ugly blanket that will be passed around for decades.

Ok, I'm sleeepy now.

Will update tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Me, and my camera are having miscommunications

I know it's juicier to read blogs with pictures. Well I feel that way. But for some reason, I cannot get it together. Take today for example...I packed the camera (for a change) & the cord for the memory card reader. Guess what I guess. I forgot the flizzipping memory card reader w/ the memory card in it. So basically I have a cardless camera, a cord, and a project awaiting pics.

I haven't started anything new. I've been working on my crafty ADD. I am less than an hour away from finishing this vest, and can't get it together. I keep saying I'm going to do it, but nope never happens. But can I let you in on a little secret, I'm a bit sheepish about having to pick up the edging. I can't pick up and knit! The last time I tried, i turned a button up sweater into a cardi-wrap thingamajiggy. {{sigh}}

Well at least I have my M I A pics. Yes, I turned 30 Sunday. And guess what? It's just another day. I had fun in South Beach. I love anywhere that has sun, and warm weather. As you can see, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

You see this guy right here. Yeah this one to the left. Look closer. He is wearing a red see through top and a light pink skirt. Oh, and did I mention he's wearing a thong. I may have to post a close up so you can see it later. Insane! I guess there are crackheads everywhwere!

No here's me with a HOTTIE (damn I love SoBe) in front of Versace Mansion. There were so many parties at this place this weekend. It was insane.

I didn't get much knitting done. It was just too much of a distraction. But I did get put a little dent in my sock. Those poor socks are just crying to be finished. It's a damn shame I tell you.

Well I have to go now, I'll be sure to post the actual knitting pics later. I still haven't posted the pics from my SP yet. I suck!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Real quick....

Real quick....

I meant to do this yesterday.


Ok, I sooooo love this SP thing. I got my box yesterday. I love getting gifts! I don't have any pics, b/c someone (she who will remain nameless) forgot to bring the camera.

But let me break it down, hmm lets see.

* Natural Lip Balm

* natural Body Buddy

* Pearberry body bar soap. This stuff smells so good. I just want to keep, and let the smell saturate my room.

* Some quilting squares, to help launch my new addiction to quilting. SP, I love these fun!

* A really cool book about cabling. Nice, can't wait to try. Expect to see a lot of cabled sweaters this winter.

and last but not least....

* Bamboo yarn! I have the perfect sock pattern for this. I mean so what that I didn't finish the first socks. But I have to get this on needles stat! I'm mean like yesterday!

Of course you know, this launched a whole new way to clean out my spending account (aka my checking). This stuff is sweet!

I know this post is real cheesy w/out the pics, I'll edit this later on tonight.

But I would like to say that I am loving my SP!

I promise promise promise that I'll post pics later.

Oh, and did I tell you that I'm going to attempt to make myself a blocking board. I have a really cool idea on how to make one, that doesn't take up to much space.

I'm just going to wait until after next week. I gave my mom the pattern works catalog, that just so happened to have a lot of stuff circled. I don't know how the circles got there but came in handy.

Okily dokily, gotta go

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I was just behind the scenes

First off I must say that Knitters (myself included :P ) are the nicest most helpful people in the world. I really mean that. I would like to thank everyone that dropped me a comment with the info about the progress bar. Actually thanks to everyone for the comments. I love them!

Now, I've been playing around with the toolbar. I finally found the progress tracker with images, the only problem with that is that I'm not too sure if I like it more than just the plain progress bar. I've decided to leave both on the page, until I can figure out which one I want to use.

I'm still debating as to whether or not I should add my unsightly UFO's to the situation. I mean, they are kind of 'in progress.' Hmm, have to think about that one for a bit.

Okay on to the updates:

1) My Ruby is coming along nicely. I'm glad I used the Campalmi yarn for this one, I wasn't sure of the actual yardage b/c I can't read the label. The pic at the left is last weeks update. At this point, I'm finished with the back, and like 10% of the front. It's coming along rather nicely. I want to be finished or pretty close to it by this weekend. I have a couple of projects to start.

I can't wait to see the finished product. I like this yarn. The colorway is insane. I'm hoping that it won't be too hot to wear. I would like to get a some wear out of it in the warm weather. I think it might even look good over a tankini, hmm. I'll have to explore that option. Either way I have to send Saunshine a note to let her know that I am digging this pattern. This pattern was a two for one deal. The other pattern is a bit more involved. But it's so pretty, so I may just go right from this to the Diamondonique. After all, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well that's before I discovered knitting. Yarn is my new best friend. Keep the Diamonds ( i lose them anyway) Give me yarn, the good stuff. Baskets and baskets of it. Oh, and while you're at it. I could use containers to hold it in too. Haha, can you tell I need therapy. Hi my name is Al an-and I'm obsessed {{sniff sniff}} with knitting. Haha, have to forgive me today. I am sooo sleepy today. I've been writing this post since 1pm today.

Me & Coffee decided that we needed sometime apart during this diet marthan. Coffee makes me jittery if I'm not drinking it with something heavy..bagel heavy. I'm aware of the fact that it's purely mental. It's just hard arguing with a vivid imagination, haha. So speaking of dieting, here's a pic of me 20lbs lighter than my starting point (you know the 'OMG, I'm four pounds short of 200. I can't be 200!' starting point). I'm pretty proud of myself. I have about 30 more pounds to go. But in the meantime here's a not so before not so after pic of me in my potential party dress. I figured since I'm turning 30, that I can really do it up this year. The only problem is, I'm going to South Beach. Yeah, ladylike and South Beach don't really hand & hand. So I may have to invest in shorts. Maybe I'll do a funky Sushi dinner, and change into something more fitting of the area later. But look at it, isn't it a fun dress? Pardon the serious case of red-eye.

Gotta go, it's past my time here. Hopefully I get off this call soon. I would like to go home before the sun sets. Arrggggggggg!

Ok, gotta go now.