Thursday, December 22, 2005

Someone gotta Gift Card

Yeah so what it's not xmas. But I'm the anxious type and people get tired of trying to hide things from me.

I'm easy to shop for, but I have the tendency to figure things out before I can get the box open. Ask my Mom.

What can I say, I'm the biggest of kids!

Now {{maniacally rubbing hands together}} what shall I do with the gift card. Of course it will have to do with Knitting. I mean what else is there to buy? Well, outside of shoes. But I'm on a shoe punishment. Yes its said when you have to put yourself on punishment.

Where was I, oh yes.....Shall I buy yarn (that's always good). Oh, or a swift/ball winder. Lord knows I need one of those. Hand winding yarn is a bit prehistoric. Or I can get some Pyrex needles. Ummmm, glass needles {{salivating}}

I don't know, I would go shopping in the city but since that's out b/c of the M-effin' strike. I guess I'll check out some resources in NJ. I can't recall seeing a ball winder/swift set in the All about yarn, but there's supposed to be a really good yarn shop in Montclair. I know they have the glass needles, so they should have everything else.

On another note, I joined another KAL. B/c I just can't help myself people. I just really love the thought of being able to see other people knit what I'm trying to knit. B/c sometimes. I wonder about the patterns published in these mags. Like, I'll read through it first just to see if it's doable. It's looks pretty good, and i'll get through most of it. Then at the end, it's like there's a whole paragraph missing. Like WTF!!! So, i'm not that advanced so I put it down, come back & reread. I even tried rereading after drinking a half of bottle of wine (you know some of us work better with sauce). Just doesn't work. So I just wing it. And believe you/me....winging is the funniest thing to see. I'll tape myself to share one of these days.

Oh, yeah I've joined the blog & here is the picture of the lovely sweater I shall make one day {{snickering}}.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? I haven't found the yarn for it yet. I'm kind of like the darn olive/brownish combo.

But I shall see.

Ok, gotta go now. Effin' xmas knitting. I have like 2 scarves and a wrap to go. Well that depends on how far along i am by the end of the day.

Gotta go knit....Is the xmas season over yet????


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princessdominique said...

Gift cards are perfect for me. I am too hard to shop for. But the Amazon Wish List works too! Happy Holidays!