Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fuzz Factor

And I'm not talking about the crest commercial. I'm talking about fuzzy feet. I've joined my second KAL. I know I haven't posted a single pic from the first one. But that's okay. Its not that I haven't worked on it. I just can't seem to find my battery charger for my camera. So, I'll be doing text updates until I can remedy that problem. To be honest, I've been hot under the collor eversince I've discovered that the damn thing was missing. How the hell am I supposed to sell my soul on ebay so I can afford the yarn i'm constantly buying, and at the same time continuously update my beautiful knitting blog (aka my slice of sanity).....sans camera?

I just dont know. So I'm going to destroy my room looking for it, only to find that it's prob not there. Keep your fingers crossed, i'm dying here. I feel like a bootleg blogger. Text and no pics :(

Oh, what was I saying. Ah yes, I've joined the fuzzy feet along. And luckily I don't have to buy anymore yarn, b/c I have a basket full of lambs pride that should work out fine. For once, I didn't have to buy yarn for a new project. I just want to know why i have all this yarn (in every crevice of my existence) but I can never use it. See that's just the sickness. I need to sell this crap. If you live in the Maplewood NJ area be on the look out for a parking lot yarn sale. Some of this crap has to go. Ooooh, I know...the knitting circle at the train station. I pack my basket saturday to see if they want some, yes that's what I'll do.

On another note.
*My poncho, still doesn't have a zipper.
*My pink/purplish hat/scarf set is fini
*I only finished the back of the sesame
*I just remembered that my orange sweater is an hour away from finishing
*My pants are still on that portion of a leg. Sad...

You know, I realized I suffer from "Startfiftymillionprojectsbutonlyhaveenough

I think that's a medical term. Just don't quote me on it.

Well I have to go, my voicemail notification won't stop beeping at me.

Over and out.

Viese's Pieces


princessdominique said...

Just stopping by to say hey :)

Marji said...

I absolutely love whatever it is that you call it that you suffer from - and know that you are not alone, some of us suffer from the same ....startitis

DivaCatscratch said...

Voicemail notification: I think it was me!

princessdominique said...

You've been incognito. Did you ever start that shoe blog? Do you ever make things for people?