Thursday, November 24, 2005

Arggg is an understatement!!!

I'm not really sure if I have a following. I kind of hope someone see's my site, and says hey this is pretty cool let me bookmark this. Or something to that affect.

Side Rant: Oh the days of longing to be seen on someone's link list...sniff sniff. One day....One day it shall be....!

Ahem, sorry about that. At any rate, if you do venture to my site or even if this is the first time; you'll see that I haven't really updated it. Partly, b/c I lost my charger for my damn camera. I have no clue how i did that. Another reason is, I discovered that my formatting to my beautiful page is off. When I say off I mean that my right hand bar appears on the right, BUT it starts at the bottom of my posts. Now WTF is that about??? I have tried everything. Well, everything that I could think of. I am no web developer. And tags are not my friend right now.

I discovered this b/c I thought the bar was a little to close to the left, so i asked the WD guy at my job to take a look at it. Well apparently if you use IE (which I tried to avoid at all cost...Viva Le Firefox!!!!) you see the wacked page. Now I've tried to ride the boat down the denial river, but I just can't knowing all of the effort. Well all the mind effort, and having button created. It's just sad.

I should have paid to have the whole damn thing changed. I said no, I can just tweak the template a little and all would be fine. See it never pays to be cheap. I don't know how many times I have to learn that lesson.

I tried testing some things, and changing my template. Well, all other templates work access for the one styled like mine. I tried using others. It just doesn't look the same, and it's sucks some mean butt.

I'm going to go cry now, and attempt at this pumpkin soup.

Will return in a bit with knitting news. This is a knitting blog, right???

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fuzz Factor

And I'm not talking about the crest commercial. I'm talking about fuzzy feet. I've joined my second KAL. I know I haven't posted a single pic from the first one. But that's okay. Its not that I haven't worked on it. I just can't seem to find my battery charger for my camera. So, I'll be doing text updates until I can remedy that problem. To be honest, I've been hot under the collor eversince I've discovered that the damn thing was missing. How the hell am I supposed to sell my soul on ebay so I can afford the yarn i'm constantly buying, and at the same time continuously update my beautiful knitting blog (aka my slice of sanity).....sans camera?

I just dont know. So I'm going to destroy my room looking for it, only to find that it's prob not there. Keep your fingers crossed, i'm dying here. I feel like a bootleg blogger. Text and no pics :(

Oh, what was I saying. Ah yes, I've joined the fuzzy feet along. And luckily I don't have to buy anymore yarn, b/c I have a basket full of lambs pride that should work out fine. For once, I didn't have to buy yarn for a new project. I just want to know why i have all this yarn (in every crevice of my existence) but I can never use it. See that's just the sickness. I need to sell this crap. If you live in the Maplewood NJ area be on the look out for a parking lot yarn sale. Some of this crap has to go. Ooooh, I know...the knitting circle at the train station. I pack my basket saturday to see if they want some, yes that's what I'll do.

On another note.
*My poncho, still doesn't have a zipper.
*My pink/purplish hat/scarf set is fini
*I only finished the back of the sesame
*I just remembered that my orange sweater is an hour away from finishing
*My pants are still on that portion of a leg. Sad...

You know, I realized I suffer from "Startfiftymillionprojectsbutonlyhaveenough

I think that's a medical term. Just don't quote me on it.

Well I have to go, my voicemail notification won't stop beeping at me.

Over and out.

Viese's Pieces