Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Real quick

It's me, you know the one that swore off yarn. I'm trying to be strong, but when you go to mailbox to find things like the Holiday 2005 Vogue Knitting, with this kind of cover....what do you do?

I mean, and the cover is just the starters. I've been through this magazine for like 10 times already. There's a little blip about Pyrex needles. I so want a pair or two. I called The Point, they have them in stock & they are $34. I want a pair or two. I just have to figure out what needles size(s) I use the most. I definitely have to update my wishlist. The are sooo pretty. I think I will get like a size 8 or 10 then maybe one of the super big sizes b/c they are hollow. I wonder how durable these needles are. I know you can purchase a hard case, but I'm the clumsiest of people.

But look, tell me this is not so worth it.

The bottom pic is the sz 17/19 tubes. Can you imagine doing a chunky knit anything with these babies. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Maybe I can work out just getting cash for xmas.

I know that's all I do, buy buy buy.
But believe it or not I knit too. I finished my poncho. No need for photo b/c it's looks just the same as my almost finished poncho. I guess i can throw up a quick post blocked pic. But I think I'll save it for the finished projects section.

I've zoomed through my short row scarf. Two balls down, not sure if I'm going for the whole 3. I only bought 5 (pricey yarn). So I'm going to start the hat, and use whatever's left over from the hat. Hopefully that will be a decent length.

My pants are on hold again. One day I shall finish. And no i have started my colchique. Bad knitter! The sesame sweater back is just about done, just doing the armhole shaping. And, I still have a stripey turtleneck in to be knit bin that I haven't discussed. More details at a later date.


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