Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Real quick

It's me, you know the one that swore off yarn. I'm trying to be strong, but when you go to mailbox to find things like the Holiday 2005 Vogue Knitting, with this kind of cover....what do you do?

I mean, and the cover is just the starters. I've been through this magazine for like 10 times already. There's a little blip about Pyrex needles. I so want a pair or two. I called The Point, they have them in stock & they are $34. I want a pair or two. I just have to figure out what needles size(s) I use the most. I definitely have to update my wishlist. The are sooo pretty. I think I will get like a size 8 or 10 then maybe one of the super big sizes b/c they are hollow. I wonder how durable these needles are. I know you can purchase a hard case, but I'm the clumsiest of people.

But look, tell me this is not so worth it.

The bottom pic is the sz 17/19 tubes. Can you imagine doing a chunky knit anything with these babies. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Maybe I can work out just getting cash for xmas.

I know that's all I do, buy buy buy.
But believe it or not I knit too. I finished my poncho. No need for photo b/c it's looks just the same as my almost finished poncho. I guess i can throw up a quick post blocked pic. But I think I'll save it for the finished projects section.

I've zoomed through my short row scarf. Two balls down, not sure if I'm going for the whole 3. I only bought 5 (pricey yarn). So I'm going to start the hat, and use whatever's left over from the hat. Hopefully that will be a decent length.

My pants are on hold again. One day I shall finish. And no i have started my colchique. Bad knitter! The sesame sweater back is just about done, just doing the armhole shaping. And, I still have a stripey turtleneck in to be knit bin that I haven't discussed. More details at a later date.


Sunday, October 09, 2005

There has to be help out there...!

Ok, I'm figuring that I'm not the only one out there with this problem. So here's my formal request, is there a thing called Knitters anonymous. I need help man.

I can't stop buying yarn. But ehh, I guess it's better than shoes....right???

But I officially have to stop. No more yarn until I put a considerable dent in my stash. So until I get through a good 5-7 projects, or just sell all the yarn under my bed that hasn't seen the light of day. NO MORE BUYING OF THE YARN.

Alright now, wanna see what I got??? The LYS in Maplewood is closing it's doors on Oct. 15th. yes very sad :( . Everything is 75% off now. So with that said, I got like 250 worth of yarn for 60. Some things you can't walk away from. So what i have no room for it. And I officially have yarn taking up I'll say 40% of my room. It may not see like a lot, but i have plastic bin/baskets all over. its crazy! But I guess that's what we call crazy in love. yupper, crazy in love with YARN. glorious glorious yarn. yeah!!!

Yes my broadway skills are something to be desired.

So here' the group pic of pretty much everything. I'm going to have to give you a project by project breakdown of everything. I'm so excited about my next 5 or so project. Yes Yes, the precious!

Ok, now lets start by saying that I've noticed on every knitting blog I have seen in the past year. I have not seen one without Clapotis. So I've came to the conclusion that if I'm going to be an official knitting blogger, I too must make the Clapotis. So i'll have one in my completed projects too, now :P

As yummy as Lorna's Laces look, I'm not fooling myself. I can't afford it with the way I've been dropping cash on yarn lately. So, I've found a decent substitue. Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran, it's the same gauge (well according to the label), but we shall see. But I'm kind of liking the colorway, it will make a great clapotis. You can see it better in the close up pic. But I'm thinking it should be cool. I can always make another one. Later on with the Lornas Laces.

Now moving from clappy, we're going to jump to a couple of seasons from now. This greek dress from the Spring/Summer 04 Vogue Knitting. This shirt/dress is hot, and is a definate must make. I'm like yeah, clothes that I would like to incorporate. into my wardrobe. I'm a little weird on the clothing thing, and since I have conquered designing just yet I'm a pattern follower. But some of the stuff I come across is a little ehhh, not me. This little ditty, I'm definitely liking. Hot, right?

Hmm, what else to we have. Oh yeah, I've been trying to find the pink mohair for this project, but for some reason pink is not the easiest to find in the amount I need. But alas, I've decided to substitute the red for the pink. And it's a good thing b/c I just realized that this sweater would go great with some red shoes in my closet. I'm doing this sweater in the Red Katia, and black cotton. Should be interesting. Not quite sure what color I'm going to do the belt. Prob something red/black. Or may something with a little shimmer to it. Either way it should be cute.

And last but definitely not least. I got this absolutely fabulous variegated yarn in two colorways. I'm sooo in love with this yarn. Nashua Handknits: wooly stripes (100% wool). It's soooooo soft. I realized that in the hat/scarf department, that I'm still wearing my first hat and scarf. Which I love. But I think it's time to step it up a bit with some color.

For the pinkish colorway I'm doing a short row scarf, and hat. Finding the pattern for the hat was a little on the difficult side. I've decided that I'm going to use the hat from Knitty Mens issue. Eventhough that pattern is geared more towards striping. I think this yarn will definitely put an interesting spin on it. So it will interesting to see how that turns out. But in the meantime, I'm doing a short row scarf from magknits. It's my first short row project. It's actually easy. The brown colorway is in the 1st pic. I'm going to try entrelac with that one. At least the entrelac tam. I may just do the shortrow scarf again.

Now for progress of two of my existing projects. I'm like an hour away from finishing my poncho. Yay, was starting to get tired of it. So perfect timing. Just have to get a zipper made, b/c I adjusted the length. But we're getting there. And the striped sweater is coming along nicely.

And last but not least. Bouton D'or has two really good patterns. I can't wait to try. I think I have enough yarn here for the black project.