Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yeah I still exist...

Sorry about the lack of updates people. I have been all over the place.

So here's the skinny:

My poncho is coming along. Yay, it's not hard at all. And this is the part where I promise pics. Yeah, you know the drill by now.

I have taken on yet another new project. Why, b/c I have compulsive disorders. Haven't you realized that by now. I can't help myself. And it doesn't help that I keep going back to that damn Seaport Yarn. It's the Devil! I went for a simple birthday gift, for someone else mind you. I walked out that Devil's playground with $270 worth of stuff. I'm getting help as soon as I can afford it I promise. I guess I should tell you what i'm doing now. I've decided to try the new fanny pack thingamajig from Knitty. Wait, let me get you the actual name. Ahhh, yes HIPSTER. This little fun diddy include intarsia. Fun Fun

Well I'm 20 rows in, and guess what it's not sooo hard. The only problem with the whole project is that I didn't gauge (bad knitter). So it's looks like a friggin' wallet. Isn't it wonderful. Just genious! Well here's what it should look like, but you'll see that mind looks nothing like it.

Well onto to more less depressing news, I am revisting the No-Sweat pants from last years spring edition Interweave Knits. So why does the pattern make so much more sense now. I looked at my first attempt, and realized that I must have been experimenting a lot back then. Looks nothing like what it's supposed to look like. I guess that's why I quit in the first place. Oh wait, here comes another picture promise.

I'll be starting several projects over the next month. It's almost October and I don't have any fall projects completed yet. So this weekend, I'm taking the knitting bag to the Hampton/Grambling game. I'm even prepared to be the to be the odd man out. I'm just going to look at the gawkers with the biggest screw face i can manage, and saw. Hey are you going to finish this poncho for me?


I'm tired, and gotta go.....

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Squishybear said...

That is really cute!

Hummmmmm .. wonder if I could work out a crochet version ..... ;)