Thursday, September 29, 2005

My first knit-along :)

My very very very very first knit-along. I so Appy! You wanna know why, I'll tell you why. This sweater is HOT! I originally found out about the pattern from the Stitch&Bitch yahoo group. People were talking about translating the pattern b/c it's in french. Well naturally I was curious, b/c I love all things french (don't ask). The sweater is so pretty. The detailing is gorgeous, and it's not complicated (ha, well for most knitters but i've been doing good on the cable front). Well at any rate. I downloaded the pattern. Got out my best translation sites. And you know what? It's very hard translating french knitting abbreviations. I mean the very basic (very very very basic) french helped out with a word or two. Babelfish & Ultralingua helped with the rest.

So lets just say I am sooooooo absofabulutly happy that someone who actual has a handle on the french language decided to translate the pattern. Happy happy Joy joy. So now I belong to my first knit-along.

See the sweater, love the sweater. You know you want to join now.

I was so excited I ordered the Merino Style from Knit Picks in Harvest. That's close right? I already have big plans for this sweater. Yum! So I have my needles ready, and being that other people started swatching with the Merino Style, I'm pretty sure I'll need a size five. Yes, I can't wait. I really don't need to start another project but, I'm casting on as soon as that box hits my doorstep. I know it's obsessive, but what are you going to do. This sweater has thumbholes. I have a brown sweater like that. I love it b/c my hands are always cold. Yes this is going to be a great knitting fall/winter.

K, over and out.



princessdominique said...

Do you have a blog solely dedicated to shoes?

Kim said...

Oh my.. that is really pretty... I don't know if it'd be pretty on me.. that's the only thing... And it does look kinda hard.. but I really *do* love the way it looks.

Wanda said...

I don't know if you've received your Merino Style ad whatnot, but just a note that it doesn't matter what gauge others have gotten, you need to swatch for gauge for yourself as your gauge may not be the same as others. One person could be a really tight knitter, another really loose who has to go down a few needles sizes, or someone who knits spot on. But even if you knit spot on, alot of times your gauge can be different. That's why it's always important to swatch!