Monday, September 26, 2005

Here to report on my progress, sir

So October is basically here, and the mornings are getting down right nippy padippy. Which means it's crunch time. And since I did not complete one effin project in September, I have to get on the ball. Hell get on something, b/c it will be summer and I'll be stuck with a whole boat load of incomplete projects. Now, I have limited myself to only the stuff I want the most. So I chucked the intarsia project for a while. I'll pick that back up later.

Without further ado, I present to you THE CURRENT PROJECTS. It's overboard, I know.

Here we have the Sesame, from MagKnits.

Now low and behold my version made with Debbie Bliss alpaca silk dk in black, and cream. That may not be their official color names. Actually the color name is 26001 (black) & 26002 (cream). For all those that may want the yarn.

Now we have a progress report on my wonderful Cable Zip Poncho. Isn't in beautiful? Of course it is.
I'm on row six of the last cable pattern before I start separating the stitches for the shoulder works. Yeah I'm so excited. I didn't realize that I was more than half done. I've just been working my little butt off. Yummy cable detailing.

I'm soooo proud of myself on this one. B/C I just knew cabled anything would be damn near impossible. Now I can' t wait to do more cable project. With more details, the harder the better. WAIT! Does this mean, I've officially graduated to Intermediate? Woohoo, I'm not an Advanced Beginner anymore. Cool!

Okay, moving right along to my other project. I can't wait to finish this. It's the No-Sweat Pants from Interweave Knits. I need to hurry up. Have to make several pair of these.
You are looking at the back right leg. I'm pretty much done w/ this part. I just have to do a couple more rows of the thigh shaping. Also, I must get circulars. I've come to the conclusion that straights just don't work for me. I have them around, but I just prefer the circulars. Speaking of which I need to go on ebay to see if I can buy a bulk lot of circulars in all sizes. But the color on this is wonderful. For some reason I couldn't get a better pic of the colorway. I'm using Lion Brand Homespun, and it's coming out soo pretty. I may make a hooded sweater to go with it, depending on how it comes out. I have to see after I finish making everything else.

Oh, did I mention that my Orange Sweater still does not have sleeves (they're made, just not attached), nor does it have a hood. I don't know why I am soo intimidated by sleeves. Oh well, I guess I better get with it. I need that sweater.

Well I should be more productive this week since I basically put myself on the Do Not Walk list. Being the clutz that I am, I fell down the grassy hill in front of my house. I sprained my ankle, and now I'm forced to walk in blasted crutches for the next couple of days. But can someone tell me why crutches are damn near impossible to work with. I mean, are they supposed to be helpful. My hands hurt for supporting my weight, and we definitely can't have that. I need to knit. I may be using them wrong, that's always a possibility. Well here's a wonderful picture of my foot in it's fandangled splint.

Nice, right?

So, I'll have plenty of down time.

Well at any rate, I'm thinking of starting a FO section. Well if I get a decent collection of FO's. I may start that for October. Yeah, I just have to figure out how to do it. I always see that on typepad pages, but not blogger. I'll have to figure something out.

I need to find a cute hat/scarf pattern for myself. I think I want to do the beret this year. I'll have to see.

Well time to go, later :)

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