Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Commentarily Commenting on Comments

Yeah i know, but it's catchy. Well this wonder dunder post is about comments.

First I would like to apologize for not responding to everyone's comments. If you haven't guessed already...I ride a slower bus on a good day. So I just realized that people were adding comments. But thanx a bunchie to all. I love the comments keep them up. Loving the attention! You know how it is for us only childs. I promise to visit all of you pages and make my presence known. I believe that's proper blog etiquette.

Okay, now on to the spammers. IS ANYONE SAFE FROM YOUR MADNESS?!? I mean, why would I want to know about 'automotive stocks' on my KNITTING BLOG. It would have been half way okay if you would ended with, 'btw, nice site.' Or something!

Dun Dun Dun it's the attack of the comment spammers, lol. Okay it's late, well not really late. But I spent the w/end w/ my friends kids (2 & 5) with the personalities of two old ladies...Yikes! Which basically proves that I'm not ready for motherhood. If I can't handle a couple of hours, what will happen when I can't send the home. Oh the horror, haha. And they are good kids. I don't know...

Alright, now onto the knitting. After all it's a knitting blog. I'm LoViNg my zippered poncho. I'm pretty much finished with the first ball and you know it's looking very good. Yupper, I'm sooooo excited. I can't find my camera charger so pics are not possible at the moment. We are having technical difficulties. Stay tuned.

Until then, I'll try to upload a crappy camera phone pic.

And yeah, why do people keep asking me to knit them stuff? What do I have Master Knitter written on my forehead. And it's never something simple like a hat or scarf. My last request was a VERY detailed cabled poncho. It's more detailed then the one I'm making. Like ummm, yeah pal wait for it. Ahh don't you just love people.

At any rate, I have to finish my orange sweater. Winters-a-coming. Someone should be able to help me w/ sleeves since i don't plan on making my arms different lengths. yeah the sweater came out great, but the arms. Ugh, lets just say the arms are pretty shameful.

Okay, beddy by time.


Tammie said...

You can turn off those spams so you don't get them...they are so annoying! Even if I wanted something they are peddling I wouldn't get it because they are spam demons!
I so hear ya on the "will you knit this for me?" Do they realize the cost and time involved?! Of course not.

Eniyan said...

I had the same problem. I had to turn off anonymous comments and add the word recognition thingy. Since your in Maplewood, be sure to visit Knit & Stitch before it closes. Last time I went the sale was 30%. It may be 50% by now.