Friday, September 02, 2005

Bad Blogger!!!

Yeah so, I have been a sucky blogger. I have just been running around like crazy. So here's the lates updates. Since summer seems to be exiting stage left (quick fast in a hurry); I decided to put a hold on the Hush-Hush & make it an in between project to be ready for next summer. Or even something cute to wear out. I stopped the 2nd mini sweater but I think I may go back to it, since it's going to be nice this weekend.

Now that we have the UFO's out the way. Now onto newer, bigger and better things. I took my friend/coworker to Seaport Yarn this past saturday. And she lost her mind, haha. No really, she has knitted in years. She bought enough yarn for three different projects.

Ok, now me me next....I absolutely love the place. So that's my excuse for spending $120 in yarn. Yeah, I can't help it. It's all the pretty col-lourssssss! Haha, I'm mad. So I got some offer in the mail about sign up to get knitting over the edge and you'll get ponchos to go for free. Mind you, I did this almost a month ago. Well the books came at the perfect time. I've been straying away from the whole poncho phase, b/c it was getting to be a bit much. Damn ponchos were everywhere. The word 'poncho' was starting to turn my stomach. UNTIL I opened the poncho to go and saw this absolutely adorable Zipped Cable poncho. (excuse the pics, i used someone's sidekick)

Seriously, I don't care how many ponchos you have in your closet. There will always be room for a zippered poncho. Can you imagine not having to eff up your hair that you spent x amount of hours fixing. I could, hence the reason I started it this week; wednesday to be exact. I decided to go w/ Lamb's Pride Bulky (85% soft wool and 15% Mohair =100% yummy) in charcoal. The darker color doesn't show the cabling detail as much as I would like. But I can tell, even with only 9 rows completed that this poncho will be the love of my life. I can see my friends adding it to the 'items we must burn' list. I think this will go w/ just about everything in my closet, and if it doesn't I will pretend that it does. I may make another one, who knows. I might just hold off. I'm trying to go the one of these festivals. Who knows what I'll find.

Umm, where was I. Oh yeah, my poncho is coming out quite lovely. Also, I decided to do the stripped sweater from an insert page of the new vogue. I thought it was knitted w/ a variegated yarn, but I found that I was wrong. So I bought eight different colors for this sweater. The should be interesting, i'm not good w/ the color changing. So here we have another first. I forgot my camera once again. I know I suck. I'm thinking about forking over the big bucks for the Treo, so i'll always have some type of camera with me. I can see it now. I'll be able to take all types of snapshots. Yes! For now you will have to accept the sidekick pics above.

So tune in later on today. Will have better pics posted. I promise

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