Friday, August 19, 2005

Update: No update

Hello all out there in knitting land. I have no update for you today. Oooh, no I stand corrected. I went out last weekend and purchased the new Vogue Knitting (muah ah ah muah ah ah muah ah ah). Now i'm sure you all have figured by now that I'm not the most experienced of knitters. And I'm and not ashamed of that. But I tell you this, I will muck my way through this pattern on the cover. The Shrug/Jacket jammie. It is absolutely breathtaking. I want it soooo bad. I should start it now.

So, I have to take a trip to Seaport Yarn tomorrow. I have some projects that I'm going to need yarn to complete.

As for my current projects, I am mucking along. I would have been done w/ they new mini sweater if I would actually pick the darn thing up. I'm just bored I guess. It's the Hush hush thing. Its like no end in sight, and i'm like if i can just get through it. But it never seems like I get anywhere no matter how long i work on it. I'm really going to try to knock it out this weekend.

Well gotta go, will check in later.


Vieses Pieces

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Quick Update

K, been a week or two so here's the skinny. I decided to make another minisweater. I'm using the sherbert colored ribbon yarn. Actually i'm halfway done.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to use the Katia Jamaica for the shrug. I'm still working on the gauge.

And oh look the never ending beginning. Still working on my dress.