Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Morning Update

Okay, I finished my boob holder. And you know what, I forgot my camera. So I can't take a pictures of me wearing it. It came out sooooooooo cute. I have like 5 orders to make more. Little do people realize, I'm not in the business of making items for other people outside of holiday time. HA!

On another note, I'm on to my next project. I am going to start my very first small needle project. I'm talking size 3, YIKES!!!

Ok, maybe the rest of you out in knitter land may think this is nothing. An everyday 'so what.' But I have the attention span of a lab rat. So this shall be interesting.

Oh, duh I'm starting
Hush-Hush from Knitty. This should be interesting, but challenging. I'll def. do constant pic updates so everyone can see the progress.

Ooooh, I'm basically finished the cabled clutch I did with the silk sari yarn. It's nice! Just in time for the weekend of partying I'm planning.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but the bikini is coming along great. I have to get more yarn from my fav ebay seller. I hope she still has the same color. I'll see how much she has left.

Well I'm going to pretend to do some work for a while. Will update later if I come across a camera before the day is over.



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