Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's not so bad at all

No pics, but why would you want one of the 3rd row. The pattern is interesting, and requires my undivided attention. But not difficult at all. I guess I'm officially a Tangy (intermediate for all of you outside the knitty spectrum). Whoo Hoo!!!

Now only if I can just be faster. I need to work faster faster. I need to be able to spit out projects more than once a month. I need to become a mean knitting machine.

Ok, now onto the blog business. I must apologize to everyone that comes across my blog. I spent an hour last night just looking at other knitting blogs. I came to realize that my blog is sucks in comparison to all the other ones out there. :(

It's just sad looking. But I plan to change that today. Throw a little color or something. I don't know.

K, gotta get started....

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