Saturday, July 16, 2005

Extra Extra, read all about it....

Ok, I'm so happy. I have updated pics and new goodies. I finally took a pic of my boob holder, and i must say taking pics of urself when you're attempting to get details is not easy at all. Tres difficile!!!

But here's my finished work. Go Viese Go Viese! The crowd is going wild, haha.

Okay, it's the end of week one and this is my progress....hey, i'm going as fast as I'm can. But if look closely you can see some of that ribbing, and some of the fan edging. Coming along, tomorrow is another day.

Now onto the goodies I found at my PO Box, Ribbon yarn. My very first hanks of ribbon yarn!!! Its funny that after 2 years, I still have a lot of firsts....

But look at it, It's yummy. The colors remind me of sorbet. I think i'm going to make another mini sweater, i think that will be gorgeous in these colors. The seller on ebay only had ~400 yrds so i'm limited with the ideas. Whatever I do, it'll be Fantabulous.....

Oh, and looky looky. More circulars. I have come to the conclusion that straight needles don't work for me. So I'm a Circular girl. CG that's me. Also, I have my funky dunky size N crochet needle. I forgot why I ordered it, but it doesn't matter b/c its so darn cute cute cute.

And last but not least, Knit Picks. I love these people...Affordable yarn. Need I say more.

Well it's late, I'm going to bed now. Maybe, I'll have a pattern for my new yarn tomorrow.

K, going to bed.



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Felicia said...

Ah ha! Another Knit Picks fan! I complain that the entire company is one great big Kelley Petkun lovefest (have you noticed, in the catalog, the woman never blocks any of her knitted items?) yet the yarn is of great quality!

I average about one Knit Picks order a month. They are addicting, especially for crazy sockknitters like me!