Monday, June 27, 2005

Missing entries

You know I just realized that I left a major self descriptive out of my profile. I meant to include that I am down right certifiable.

I know that I do not devote the proper time to my knitting blog, and that's fine. But even with that fact my blog shouldn't be this empty. It looks like I have touched the dag on thing in months.

Well Bugs and Germs, after some investigation i've found that my updates are posted to my other 2 of 3 blogs.


So needless to say it's Saturday Night Sheep all on my personal journal page. Fun Fun

I don't have the energy to move the crap, so there it will stay. But I assure you that from now on, I will post to the right site. In addition to posting more than the one pic of a partially knitted orange sweater.

Over and Outie....


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