Monday, March 28, 2005

Oh yeah, I do have a knitting blog...

Okay, so this has to be the absolute worst knitting blog out there. I don't even have pics on my page. Working on it, I swear.....I mean I really will do it this time.

Okay, so for the verbal update.

-The poncho is finished!

I have since finished...

Tan wrap made with alpaca
Ipod cover

Oh, yeah and xmas gifts for my girls (Tif: crochet poncho/Kyle: funky scarf)

Now for the works in progress listing.

Cathode Sweater (
No sweat pants (interweave knits)
Needle Case (patons, pattern came with the yarn)

And last but not least....Can't wait to make projects!

Orange sweater (Vogue Knitting)
Pink slip/chemise (
Rust color Poncho (combo pattern, attempting to design it myself)
And like 3 or so projects from the spring/summer K1 mag.

Soooo, I brought back like 3 packages of acrylic yarn. Will take the pic later. Nice colors. I wish I had time to find other yarn stores, but there's always next time.

K, gotta go now. Will come back w/ pics later.

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