Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I survived X-Mas knitting

Well, xmas is over, haleluah!!!! My family decided at the last minute that they weren't going to do the grab bag. Lets just say, I haven't been able to look at my needles all frikin' weekend. And if I see another ball of Lion Brand thick & quick....I'm urling on my shoes. {{shiver}} Just thinking about it gives me the skivies.

Well, now where am i. Oh yeah, I did manage to do some purging this weekend. So that means, more room for the yarn. Actually if I get rid of all the misc. balls of nothing under my bed. I have officially came to the conclusion that if you can't find anything to make after 1.5 years, it should go. So ebay will be my friend tonight. Yeeehaw!

Umm, yeah so. I have some new stuff I want to make. But I must finish my colcique. I have the cutest skirt to match it. So now it's a necessity. I need it man. I'm on the bind off section of the back, but I'm not so sure that i should be binding off 1 st every end (every other row). it's like binding off over 68 rows. I love the length but is the sweater supposed to be that long. And will the front match. I'm not sure. I need to revisit the translation to make sure.

Well it's quitting time. Will check back later.

Over and Out!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Someone gotta Gift Card

Yeah so what it's not xmas. But I'm the anxious type and people get tired of trying to hide things from me.

I'm easy to shop for, but I have the tendency to figure things out before I can get the box open. Ask my Mom.

What can I say, I'm the biggest of kids!

Now {{maniacally rubbing hands together}} what shall I do with the gift card. Of course it will have to do with Knitting. I mean what else is there to buy? Well, outside of shoes. But I'm on a shoe punishment. Yes its said when you have to put yourself on punishment.

Where was I, oh yes.....Shall I buy yarn (that's always good). Oh, or a swift/ball winder. Lord knows I need one of those. Hand winding yarn is a bit prehistoric. Or I can get some Pyrex needles. Ummmm, glass needles {{salivating}}

I don't know, I would go shopping in the city but since that's out b/c of the M-effin' strike. I guess I'll check out some resources in NJ. I can't recall seeing a ball winder/swift set in the All about yarn, but there's supposed to be a really good yarn shop in Montclair. I know they have the glass needles, so they should have everything else.

On another note, I joined another KAL. B/c I just can't help myself people. I just really love the thought of being able to see other people knit what I'm trying to knit. B/c sometimes. I wonder about the patterns published in these mags. Like, I'll read through it first just to see if it's doable. It's looks pretty good, and i'll get through most of it. Then at the end, it's like there's a whole paragraph missing. Like WTF!!! So, i'm not that advanced so I put it down, come back & reread. I even tried rereading after drinking a half of bottle of wine (you know some of us work better with sauce). Just doesn't work. So I just wing it. And believe you/me....winging is the funniest thing to see. I'll tape myself to share one of these days.

Oh, yeah I've joined the blog & here is the picture of the lovely sweater I shall make one day {{snickering}}.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? I haven't found the yarn for it yet. I'm kind of like the darn olive/brownish combo.

But I shall see.

Ok, gotta go now. Effin' xmas knitting. I have like 2 scarves and a wrap to go. Well that depends on how far along i am by the end of the day.

Gotta go knit....Is the xmas season over yet????


Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm Back From Outer Space....

Hello Knitting World! It's so so so great to be back. My site has been under serious construction for the longest time. My side bar up and decided it wanted to be apart of the footer {sigh}. It was bad business all around.

But now I'm back. And soooo happy. I'm in the process of holiday knitting...Oh Joy! I've finished the scarves for 2 out of 3 of my girlfriends. I have to finish this here...erm surprise project. For my friend that does read my blog. I'll post the pic after x-mas.

Can I just say that I really don't like making stuff for people. Don't get me wrong, I love giving & I love knitting. I just don't like to knit 'n give. This is taking away from all of my superstash busting projects. And as you can see from the pics below. I need to spend every waking hour attempting to use some of this yarn.

Still no pics to share, but it's coming. I finally found the charger for my camera, but left the damn camera in my cousin's car. Effin' genius I tell you. Well hopefully, I'll have my cam back by next week. I would like to officially get back into the swing of things by next week.

Sooo my adoring fans, you will accept this pictureless update in the meantime.

My orange sweater: Lets just say I need to be shot. I could've had this damn thing done last winter, but it's like I have a block when it comes to seaming. I'm like less than 40 mins away from finishing it. I don't know why....

Colchique: It's turning out to be fairly easy but I'm slow rolling on this one too. I just have this insatiable new project itch that I'm trying to fight. On top of it being a pointless effort, it's effecting my ability to continue on with existing projects. Does that classify as an illness?

Sesame Cardigan: Well, I have one word for that one.....FROG! Apparently, I had delusions about my actual sizing. Finished the back and realized that my back and that back didn't match. Yes, I need to have a talk with my imagination, it's causing problems.

Short Row Hat/Scarf: Je Fini!!! And I must say, it is hot! I get sooo many compliments on this one. My favorite is, "It Look Professional. You know like one you would buy." I may not be the most advanced of knitters, but I'm trying to figure out what I've made thus far that looks bootleg. Like my sweaters have sleeves coming out the stomach or something. But it's a compliment, so I will leave it at that.

Umm, I think that's about it for now. Will post later, and maybe I'll even have pics.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Arggg is an understatement!!!

I'm not really sure if I have a following. I kind of hope someone see's my site, and says hey this is pretty cool let me bookmark this. Or something to that affect.

Side Rant: Oh the days of longing to be seen on someone's link list...sniff sniff. One day....One day it shall be....!

Ahem, sorry about that. At any rate, if you do venture to my site or even if this is the first time; you'll see that I haven't really updated it. Partly, b/c I lost my charger for my damn camera. I have no clue how i did that. Another reason is, I discovered that my formatting to my beautiful page is off. When I say off I mean that my right hand bar appears on the right, BUT it starts at the bottom of my posts. Now WTF is that about??? I have tried everything. Well, everything that I could think of. I am no web developer. And tags are not my friend right now.

I discovered this b/c I thought the bar was a little to close to the left, so i asked the WD guy at my job to take a look at it. Well apparently if you use IE (which I tried to avoid at all cost...Viva Le Firefox!!!!) you see the wacked page. Now I've tried to ride the boat down the denial river, but I just can't knowing all of the effort. Well all the mind effort, and having button created. It's just sad.

I should have paid to have the whole damn thing changed. I said no, I can just tweak the template a little and all would be fine. See it never pays to be cheap. I don't know how many times I have to learn that lesson.

I tried testing some things, and changing my template. Well, all other templates work access for the one styled like mine. I tried using others. It just doesn't look the same, and it's sucks some mean butt.

I'm going to go cry now, and attempt at this pumpkin soup.

Will return in a bit with knitting news. This is a knitting blog, right???

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fuzz Factor

And I'm not talking about the crest commercial. I'm talking about fuzzy feet. I've joined my second KAL. I know I haven't posted a single pic from the first one. But that's okay. Its not that I haven't worked on it. I just can't seem to find my battery charger for my camera. So, I'll be doing text updates until I can remedy that problem. To be honest, I've been hot under the collor eversince I've discovered that the damn thing was missing. How the hell am I supposed to sell my soul on ebay so I can afford the yarn i'm constantly buying, and at the same time continuously update my beautiful knitting blog (aka my slice of sanity).....sans camera?

I just dont know. So I'm going to destroy my room looking for it, only to find that it's prob not there. Keep your fingers crossed, i'm dying here. I feel like a bootleg blogger. Text and no pics :(

Oh, what was I saying. Ah yes, I've joined the fuzzy feet along. And luckily I don't have to buy anymore yarn, b/c I have a basket full of lambs pride that should work out fine. For once, I didn't have to buy yarn for a new project. I just want to know why i have all this yarn (in every crevice of my existence) but I can never use it. See that's just the sickness. I need to sell this crap. If you live in the Maplewood NJ area be on the look out for a parking lot yarn sale. Some of this crap has to go. Ooooh, I know...the knitting circle at the train station. I pack my basket saturday to see if they want some, yes that's what I'll do.

On another note.
*My poncho, still doesn't have a zipper.
*My pink/purplish hat/scarf set is fini
*I only finished the back of the sesame
*I just remembered that my orange sweater is an hour away from finishing
*My pants are still on that portion of a leg. Sad...

You know, I realized I suffer from "Startfiftymillionprojectsbutonlyhaveenough

I think that's a medical term. Just don't quote me on it.

Well I have to go, my voicemail notification won't stop beeping at me.

Over and out.

Viese's Pieces

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Real quick

It's me, you know the one that swore off yarn. I'm trying to be strong, but when you go to mailbox to find things like the Holiday 2005 Vogue Knitting, with this kind of cover....what do you do?

I mean, and the cover is just the starters. I've been through this magazine for like 10 times already. There's a little blip about Pyrex needles. I so want a pair or two. I called The Point, they have them in stock & they are $34. I want a pair or two. I just have to figure out what needles size(s) I use the most. I definitely have to update my wishlist. The are sooo pretty. I think I will get like a size 8 or 10 then maybe one of the super big sizes b/c they are hollow. I wonder how durable these needles are. I know you can purchase a hard case, but I'm the clumsiest of people.

But look, tell me this is not so worth it.

The bottom pic is the sz 17/19 tubes. Can you imagine doing a chunky knit anything with these babies. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Maybe I can work out just getting cash for xmas.

I know that's all I do, buy buy buy.
But believe it or not I knit too. I finished my poncho. No need for photo b/c it's looks just the same as my almost finished poncho. I guess i can throw up a quick post blocked pic. But I think I'll save it for the finished projects section.

I've zoomed through my short row scarf. Two balls down, not sure if I'm going for the whole 3. I only bought 5 (pricey yarn). So I'm going to start the hat, and use whatever's left over from the hat. Hopefully that will be a decent length.

My pants are on hold again. One day I shall finish. And no i have started my colchique. Bad knitter! The sesame sweater back is just about done, just doing the armhole shaping. And, I still have a stripey turtleneck in to be knit bin that I haven't discussed. More details at a later date.


Sunday, October 09, 2005

There has to be help out there...!

Ok, I'm figuring that I'm not the only one out there with this problem. So here's my formal request, is there a thing called Knitters anonymous. I need help man.

I can't stop buying yarn. But ehh, I guess it's better than shoes....right???

But I officially have to stop. No more yarn until I put a considerable dent in my stash. So until I get through a good 5-7 projects, or just sell all the yarn under my bed that hasn't seen the light of day. NO MORE BUYING OF THE YARN.

Alright now, wanna see what I got??? The LYS in Maplewood is closing it's doors on Oct. 15th. yes very sad :( . Everything is 75% off now. So with that said, I got like 250 worth of yarn for 60. Some things you can't walk away from. So what i have no room for it. And I officially have yarn taking up I'll say 40% of my room. It may not see like a lot, but i have plastic bin/baskets all over. its crazy! But I guess that's what we call crazy in love. yupper, crazy in love with YARN. glorious glorious yarn. yeah!!!

Yes my broadway skills are something to be desired.

So here' the group pic of pretty much everything. I'm going to have to give you a project by project breakdown of everything. I'm so excited about my next 5 or so project. Yes Yes, the precious!

Ok, now lets start by saying that I've noticed on every knitting blog I have seen in the past year. I have not seen one without Clapotis. So I've came to the conclusion that if I'm going to be an official knitting blogger, I too must make the Clapotis. So i'll have one in my completed projects too, now :P

As yummy as Lorna's Laces look, I'm not fooling myself. I can't afford it with the way I've been dropping cash on yarn lately. So, I've found a decent substitue. Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran, it's the same gauge (well according to the label), but we shall see. But I'm kind of liking the colorway, it will make a great clapotis. You can see it better in the close up pic. But I'm thinking it should be cool. I can always make another one. Later on with the Lornas Laces.

Now moving from clappy, we're going to jump to a couple of seasons from now. This greek dress from the Spring/Summer 04 Vogue Knitting. This shirt/dress is hot, and is a definate must make. I'm like yeah, clothes that I would like to incorporate. into my wardrobe. I'm a little weird on the clothing thing, and since I have conquered designing just yet I'm a pattern follower. But some of the stuff I come across is a little ehhh, not me. This little ditty, I'm definitely liking. Hot, right?

Hmm, what else to we have. Oh yeah, I've been trying to find the pink mohair for this project, but for some reason pink is not the easiest to find in the amount I need. But alas, I've decided to substitute the red for the pink. And it's a good thing b/c I just realized that this sweater would go great with some red shoes in my closet. I'm doing this sweater in the Red Katia, and black cotton. Should be interesting. Not quite sure what color I'm going to do the belt. Prob something red/black. Or may something with a little shimmer to it. Either way it should be cute.

And last but definitely not least. I got this absolutely fabulous variegated yarn in two colorways. I'm sooo in love with this yarn. Nashua Handknits: wooly stripes (100% wool). It's soooooo soft. I realized that in the hat/scarf department, that I'm still wearing my first hat and scarf. Which I love. But I think it's time to step it up a bit with some color.

For the pinkish colorway I'm doing a short row scarf, and hat. Finding the pattern for the hat was a little on the difficult side. I've decided that I'm going to use the hat from Knitty Mens issue. Eventhough that pattern is geared more towards striping. I think this yarn will definitely put an interesting spin on it. So it will interesting to see how that turns out. But in the meantime, I'm doing a short row scarf from magknits. It's my first short row project. It's actually easy. The brown colorway is in the 1st pic. I'm going to try entrelac with that one. At least the entrelac tam. I may just do the shortrow scarf again.

Now for progress of two of my existing projects. I'm like an hour away from finishing my poncho. Yay, was starting to get tired of it. So perfect timing. Just have to get a zipper made, b/c I adjusted the length. But we're getting there. And the striped sweater is coming along nicely.

And last but not least. Bouton D'or has two really good patterns. I can't wait to try. I think I have enough yarn here for the black project.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

My first knit-along :)

My very very very very first knit-along. I so Appy! You wanna know why, I'll tell you why. This sweater is HOT! I originally found out about the pattern from the Stitch&Bitch yahoo group. People were talking about translating the pattern b/c it's in french. Well naturally I was curious, b/c I love all things french (don't ask). The sweater is so pretty. The detailing is gorgeous, and it's not complicated (ha, well for most knitters but i've been doing good on the cable front). Well at any rate. I downloaded the pattern. Got out my best translation sites. And you know what? It's very hard translating french knitting abbreviations. I mean the very basic (very very very basic) french helped out with a word or two. Babelfish & Ultralingua helped with the rest.

So lets just say I am sooooooo absofabulutly happy that someone who actual has a handle on the french language decided to translate the pattern. Happy happy Joy joy. So now I belong to my first knit-along.

See the sweater, love the sweater. You know you want to join now.

I was so excited I ordered the Merino Style from Knit Picks in Harvest. That's close right? I already have big plans for this sweater. Yum! So I have my needles ready, and being that other people started swatching with the Merino Style, I'm pretty sure I'll need a size five. Yes, I can't wait. I really don't need to start another project but, I'm casting on as soon as that box hits my doorstep. I know it's obsessive, but what are you going to do. This sweater has thumbholes. I have a brown sweater like that. I love it b/c my hands are always cold. Yes this is going to be a great knitting fall/winter.

K, over and out.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Here to report on my progress, sir

So October is basically here, and the mornings are getting down right nippy padippy. Which means it's crunch time. And since I did not complete one effin project in September, I have to get on the ball. Hell get on something, b/c it will be summer and I'll be stuck with a whole boat load of incomplete projects. Now, I have limited myself to only the stuff I want the most. So I chucked the intarsia project for a while. I'll pick that back up later.

Without further ado, I present to you THE CURRENT PROJECTS. It's overboard, I know.

Here we have the Sesame, from MagKnits.

Now low and behold my version made with Debbie Bliss alpaca silk dk in black, and cream. That may not be their official color names. Actually the color name is 26001 (black) & 26002 (cream). For all those that may want the yarn.

Now we have a progress report on my wonderful Cable Zip Poncho. Isn't in beautiful? Of course it is.
I'm on row six of the last cable pattern before I start separating the stitches for the shoulder works. Yeah I'm so excited. I didn't realize that I was more than half done. I've just been working my little butt off. Yummy cable detailing.

I'm soooo proud of myself on this one. B/C I just knew cabled anything would be damn near impossible. Now I can' t wait to do more cable project. With more details, the harder the better. WAIT! Does this mean, I've officially graduated to Intermediate? Woohoo, I'm not an Advanced Beginner anymore. Cool!

Okay, moving right along to my other project. I can't wait to finish this. It's the No-Sweat Pants from Interweave Knits. I need to hurry up. Have to make several pair of these.
You are looking at the back right leg. I'm pretty much done w/ this part. I just have to do a couple more rows of the thigh shaping. Also, I must get circulars. I've come to the conclusion that straights just don't work for me. I have them around, but I just prefer the circulars. Speaking of which I need to go on ebay to see if I can buy a bulk lot of circulars in all sizes. But the color on this is wonderful. For some reason I couldn't get a better pic of the colorway. I'm using Lion Brand Homespun, and it's coming out soo pretty. I may make a hooded sweater to go with it, depending on how it comes out. I have to see after I finish making everything else.

Oh, did I mention that my Orange Sweater still does not have sleeves (they're made, just not attached), nor does it have a hood. I don't know why I am soo intimidated by sleeves. Oh well, I guess I better get with it. I need that sweater.

Well I should be more productive this week since I basically put myself on the Do Not Walk list. Being the clutz that I am, I fell down the grassy hill in front of my house. I sprained my ankle, and now I'm forced to walk in blasted crutches for the next couple of days. But can someone tell me why crutches are damn near impossible to work with. I mean, are they supposed to be helpful. My hands hurt for supporting my weight, and we definitely can't have that. I need to knit. I may be using them wrong, that's always a possibility. Well here's a wonderful picture of my foot in it's fandangled splint.

Nice, right?

So, I'll have plenty of down time.

Well at any rate, I'm thinking of starting a FO section. Well if I get a decent collection of FO's. I may start that for October. Yeah, I just have to figure out how to do it. I always see that on typepad pages, but not blogger. I'll have to figure something out.

I need to find a cute hat/scarf pattern for myself. I think I want to do the beret this year. I'll have to see.

Well time to go, later :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yeah I still exist...

Sorry about the lack of updates people. I have been all over the place.

So here's the skinny:

My poncho is coming along. Yay, it's not hard at all. And this is the part where I promise pics. Yeah, you know the drill by now.

I have taken on yet another new project. Why, b/c I have compulsive disorders. Haven't you realized that by now. I can't help myself. And it doesn't help that I keep going back to that damn Seaport Yarn. It's the Devil! I went for a simple birthday gift, for someone else mind you. I walked out that Devil's playground with $270 worth of stuff. I'm getting help as soon as I can afford it I promise. I guess I should tell you what i'm doing now. I've decided to try the new fanny pack thingamajig from Knitty. Wait, let me get you the actual name. Ahhh, yes HIPSTER. This little fun diddy include intarsia. Fun Fun

Well I'm 20 rows in, and guess what it's not sooo hard. The only problem with the whole project is that I didn't gauge (bad knitter). So it's looks like a friggin' wallet. Isn't it wonderful. Just genious! Well here's what it should look like, but you'll see that mind looks nothing like it.

Well onto to more less depressing news, I am revisting the No-Sweat pants from last years spring edition Interweave Knits. So why does the pattern make so much more sense now. I looked at my first attempt, and realized that I must have been experimenting a lot back then. Looks nothing like what it's supposed to look like. I guess that's why I quit in the first place. Oh wait, here comes another picture promise.

I'll be starting several projects over the next month. It's almost October and I don't have any fall projects completed yet. So this weekend, I'm taking the knitting bag to the Hampton/Grambling game. I'm even prepared to be the to be the odd man out. I'm just going to look at the gawkers with the biggest screw face i can manage, and saw. Hey are you going to finish this poncho for me?


I'm tired, and gotta go.....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Commentarily Commenting on Comments

Yeah i know, but it's catchy. Well this wonder dunder post is about comments.

First I would like to apologize for not responding to everyone's comments. If you haven't guessed already...I ride a slower bus on a good day. So I just realized that people were adding comments. But thanx a bunchie to all. I love the comments keep them up. Loving the attention! You know how it is for us only childs. I promise to visit all of you pages and make my presence known. I believe that's proper blog etiquette.

Okay, now on to the spammers. IS ANYONE SAFE FROM YOUR MADNESS?!? I mean, why would I want to know about 'automotive stocks' on my KNITTING BLOG. It would have been half way okay if you would ended with, 'btw, nice site.' Or something!

Dun Dun Dun it's the attack of the comment spammers, lol. Okay it's late, well not really late. But I spent the w/end w/ my friends kids (2 & 5) with the personalities of two old ladies...Yikes! Which basically proves that I'm not ready for motherhood. If I can't handle a couple of hours, what will happen when I can't send the home. Oh the horror, haha. And they are good kids. I don't know...

Alright, now onto the knitting. After all it's a knitting blog. I'm LoViNg my zippered poncho. I'm pretty much finished with the first ball and you know it's looking very good. Yupper, I'm sooooo excited. I can't find my camera charger so pics are not possible at the moment. We are having technical difficulties. Stay tuned.

Until then, I'll try to upload a crappy camera phone pic.

And yeah, why do people keep asking me to knit them stuff? What do I have Master Knitter written on my forehead. And it's never something simple like a hat or scarf. My last request was a VERY detailed cabled poncho. It's more detailed then the one I'm making. Like ummm, yeah pal wait for it. Ahh don't you just love people.

At any rate, I have to finish my orange sweater. Winters-a-coming. Someone should be able to help me w/ sleeves since i don't plan on making my arms different lengths. yeah the sweater came out great, but the arms. Ugh, lets just say the arms are pretty shameful.

Okay, beddy by time.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bad Blogger!!!

Yeah so, I have been a sucky blogger. I have just been running around like crazy. So here's the lates updates. Since summer seems to be exiting stage left (quick fast in a hurry); I decided to put a hold on the Hush-Hush & make it an in between project to be ready for next summer. Or even something cute to wear out. I stopped the 2nd mini sweater but I think I may go back to it, since it's going to be nice this weekend.

Now that we have the UFO's out the way. Now onto newer, bigger and better things. I took my friend/coworker to Seaport Yarn this past saturday. And she lost her mind, haha. No really, she has knitted in years. She bought enough yarn for three different projects.

Ok, now me me next....I absolutely love the place. So that's my excuse for spending $120 in yarn. Yeah, I can't help it. It's all the pretty col-lourssssss! Haha, I'm mad. So I got some offer in the mail about sign up to get knitting over the edge and you'll get ponchos to go for free. Mind you, I did this almost a month ago. Well the books came at the perfect time. I've been straying away from the whole poncho phase, b/c it was getting to be a bit much. Damn ponchos were everywhere. The word 'poncho' was starting to turn my stomach. UNTIL I opened the poncho to go and saw this absolutely adorable Zipped Cable poncho. (excuse the pics, i used someone's sidekick)

Seriously, I don't care how many ponchos you have in your closet. There will always be room for a zippered poncho. Can you imagine not having to eff up your hair that you spent x amount of hours fixing. I could, hence the reason I started it this week; wednesday to be exact. I decided to go w/ Lamb's Pride Bulky (85% soft wool and 15% Mohair =100% yummy) in charcoal. The darker color doesn't show the cabling detail as much as I would like. But I can tell, even with only 9 rows completed that this poncho will be the love of my life. I can see my friends adding it to the 'items we must burn' list. I think this will go w/ just about everything in my closet, and if it doesn't I will pretend that it does. I may make another one, who knows. I might just hold off. I'm trying to go the one of these festivals. Who knows what I'll find.

Umm, where was I. Oh yeah, my poncho is coming out quite lovely. Also, I decided to do the stripped sweater from an insert page of the new vogue. I thought it was knitted w/ a variegated yarn, but I found that I was wrong. So I bought eight different colors for this sweater. The should be interesting, i'm not good w/ the color changing. So here we have another first. I forgot my camera once again. I know I suck. I'm thinking about forking over the big bucks for the Treo, so i'll always have some type of camera with me. I can see it now. I'll be able to take all types of snapshots. Yes! For now you will have to accept the sidekick pics above.

So tune in later on today. Will have better pics posted. I promise

Friday, August 19, 2005

Update: No update

Hello all out there in knitting land. I have no update for you today. Oooh, no I stand corrected. I went out last weekend and purchased the new Vogue Knitting (muah ah ah muah ah ah muah ah ah). Now i'm sure you all have figured by now that I'm not the most experienced of knitters. And I'm and not ashamed of that. But I tell you this, I will muck my way through this pattern on the cover. The Shrug/Jacket jammie. It is absolutely breathtaking. I want it soooo bad. I should start it now.

So, I have to take a trip to Seaport Yarn tomorrow. I have some projects that I'm going to need yarn to complete.

As for my current projects, I am mucking along. I would have been done w/ they new mini sweater if I would actually pick the darn thing up. I'm just bored I guess. It's the Hush hush thing. Its like no end in sight, and i'm like if i can just get through it. But it never seems like I get anywhere no matter how long i work on it. I'm really going to try to knock it out this weekend.

Well gotta go, will check in later.


Vieses Pieces

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Quick Update

K, been a week or two so here's the skinny. I decided to make another minisweater. I'm using the sherbert colored ribbon yarn. Actually i'm halfway done.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to use the Katia Jamaica for the shrug. I'm still working on the gauge.

And oh look the never ending beginning. Still working on my dress.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


First things first.....

I would like to publicly thank Missa (Midnight Knitter) for my FANTABULOUS banner/button. I'm so in loving it.

Ah ha ha ha, staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.

I have some more pics that I will have to post later on tonight. I went to Downtown Yarns in NYC Sunday, and guess what I got??? Come on guess? Ok Ok, i'll tell you. I bought my very first hand spindle (i think that's right), and a bag of pre-dyed/processed roving. Me soooooo excited! I was so excited that I rushed home to get started on spinning my very first ball of yarn. I didn't need to buy any books about it b/c I have 'You Spin Me' saved on TIVO (knitty gritty-diy network). The show basically covered the very basics of spinning, process wool, and even how to make your own spindle using a cd. Anywho, I had everything prepped in front of the tv to only find that for some reason, i deleting the bleeping show. I have all the other shows saved (well all the ones i liked). I even had duplicates. Talk about upset with a capital U. And to make matters worse, the stupid show is not scheduled to air again until August 4th. Now how f-n sucky is that.

Yeah so, now i have to wait until then. They have clips online, but i know i need both hands for this madness.

Bottom line, I'll let you know how my spinning goes on Aug 4th.

On a happier note, I decided to try the one skein wonder with a ball of Katia Jamaica in some rainbowish color that matches Hush Hush (seen earlier posts). It's cotton, and the weight maybe off. But what the hell, right? I can try right. I'll do the gauge, and see if i can tweak it a bit. if not, i'll own a 12.50 dishcloth. Hey, what can you do?

Oh, I almost forgot. I almost trashed the whole hush hush project. I got like 15 rows in, only to discover that the damn thing was twisted when I joined. Let me tell you the curse words I said that day. Boy oh boy, haha.

I did say that knitting gave me peace, right? Yikes...!

But on the brighter side of things. I'm glad I did discover this oopsy, b/c I didn't gauge right. I must have been involuntarily high or something, i don't know what the hell happened then. After de-needling (yes i like to make up my own words. stay tuned for that Viesters Dictionary), i found that i could fit at least one and a half of me in that wonderful loop of mine. Fun Fun

So, I restarted. To be honest the only reason I did is b/c of that $12.50 ball of cotton I bought to match the thing. It just looks like I'll won't be able to wear it until next year at this point. Isn't that just special, in that special kind of way. :)

Ok, time to pack it up. I'm outta here. Pics to come when I get home.....



Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I was sucked in....!

Okay, so I was sucked in. >:o

This lady that rides the train w/ me wants me to make her a boob holder. It would be cool but she's no small filly. Now b4 anyone gets offended. I'm no small philly eihter, but she's bigger than me. I'm not that fast of a knitter, why didn't I just tell her that I'm doing other projects.

Arggggggggggggg, I'm going to think this over. I'm not trying to spend the rest of my summer knitting for someone I barely know. So what if she's trying to pay me. Its not even my pattern. I'm being paid for labor. But I don't want to be paid, b/c I don't want to do no stinking labor!!!!

We didn't even discuss payment, but she did give me $20 for the yarn.

OOOOh, I have to work on this no thing. 'Do you make things for other people'



Uhhh, taking the joy. This is my solace, not my job!

Ok, i'm going to tell her that I won't be able to get to it for a while b/c I have to be true to my other commitments (like my friends bikini). Among other things. It's the truth, I've been working on this one cup for the last month.

Darn darn darn darn darn darn darn darn.

(sigh) I'm done, just thought I would vent a little.

Sorry for the mood. Promise to return to my normal chirpy self after I weasle out of this madness.

bye :(

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Extra Extra, read all about it....

Ok, I'm so happy. I have updated pics and new goodies. I finally took a pic of my boob holder, and i must say taking pics of urself when you're attempting to get details is not easy at all. Tres difficile!!!

But here's my finished work. Go Viese Go Viese! The crowd is going wild, haha.

Okay, it's the end of week one and this is my progress....hey, i'm going as fast as I'm can. But if look closely you can see some of that ribbing, and some of the fan edging. Coming along, tomorrow is another day.

Now onto the goodies I found at my PO Box, Ribbon yarn. My very first hanks of ribbon yarn!!! Its funny that after 2 years, I still have a lot of firsts....

But look at it, It's yummy. The colors remind me of sorbet. I think i'm going to make another mini sweater, i think that will be gorgeous in these colors. The seller on ebay only had ~400 yrds so i'm limited with the ideas. Whatever I do, it'll be Fantabulous.....

Oh, and looky looky. More circulars. I have come to the conclusion that straight needles don't work for me. So I'm a Circular girl. CG that's me. Also, I have my funky dunky size N crochet needle. I forgot why I ordered it, but it doesn't matter b/c its so darn cute cute cute.

And last but not least, Knit Picks. I love these people...Affordable yarn. Need I say more.

Well it's late, I'm going to bed now. Maybe, I'll have a pattern for my new yarn tomorrow.

K, going to bed.



Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's not so bad at all

No pics, but why would you want one of the 3rd row. The pattern is interesting, and requires my undivided attention. But not difficult at all. I guess I'm officially a Tangy (intermediate for all of you outside the knitty spectrum). Whoo Hoo!!!

Now only if I can just be faster. I need to work faster faster. I need to be able to spit out projects more than once a month. I need to become a mean knitting machine.

Ok, now onto the blog business. I must apologize to everyone that comes across my blog. I spent an hour last night just looking at other knitting blogs. I came to realize that my blog is sucks in comparison to all the other ones out there. :(

It's just sad looking. But I plan to change that today. Throw a little color or something. I don't know.

K, gotta get started....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So it begins...

Ok, more on that small needle thing. THIS IS HARD!!!

It's not so much the pattern, but the counting. Casting on 400 w/out losing count 50 million times is an event.

But I'm on the first round, and the color is already jumping off the needles. This is going to be sooo pretty. It may even come out better than my boob holder. Which received so many compliments yesterday. Yes, I know I'm need to stare. HAHA

Well here's pics of my one row.... :)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Morning Update

Okay, I finished my boob holder. And you know what, I forgot my camera. So I can't take a pictures of me wearing it. It came out sooooooooo cute. I have like 5 orders to make more. Little do people realize, I'm not in the business of making items for other people outside of holiday time. HA!

On another note, I'm on to my next project. I am going to start my very first small needle project. I'm talking size 3, YIKES!!!

Ok, maybe the rest of you out in knitter land may think this is nothing. An everyday 'so what.' But I have the attention span of a lab rat. So this shall be interesting.

Oh, duh I'm starting
Hush-Hush from Knitty. This should be interesting, but challenging. I'll def. do constant pic updates so everyone can see the progress.

Ooooh, I'm basically finished the cabled clutch I did with the silk sari yarn. It's nice! Just in time for the weekend of partying I'm planning.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but the bikini is coming along great. I have to get more yarn from my fav ebay seller. I hope she still has the same color. I'll see how much she has left.

Well I'm going to pretend to do some work for a while. Will update later if I come across a camera before the day is over.



Monday, June 27, 2005

Okay, and missing pics

Umm, I don't know what the hell happened to the pics. >:(

See, when I go home tonight. I going to get this site together.

No pics, is sooo boring.

I don't know what happened. But I'll fix it tonight.

K, bye :(

Missing entries

You know I just realized that I left a major self descriptive out of my profile. I meant to include that I am down right certifiable.

I know that I do not devote the proper time to my knitting blog, and that's fine. But even with that fact my blog shouldn't be this empty. It looks like I have touched the dag on thing in months.

Well Bugs and Germs, after some investigation i've found that my updates are posted to my other 2 of 3 blogs.


So needless to say it's Saturday Night Sheep all on my personal journal page. Fun Fun

I don't have the energy to move the crap, so there it will stay. But I assure you that from now on, I will post to the right site. In addition to posting more than the one pic of a partially knitted orange sweater.

Over and Outie....


Friday, June 24, 2005

Where have you been???

Umm, I've been go so long. Did you miss me?

Anywho, will update when i get home diddi ome dome dome.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Saturday Night Sheep

Hey, I changed the name of my blog. Now everytime I come here. I'm singing, ha ha ha ha, staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.

I'm thinking about getting a custom button, and a banner. I was checking
Midnight Knitters blog. From what I've seen, she's pretty good. Might have to invest.

On another note. I'm slowly but surely re-familiarizing myself w/ html tags, so bare with me. I promise all posts going forward will have links when referencing other sites. Now if only i can get that picture thing working. Damn Picasso! At any rate, I'll have it up tonight. If it kills me. I'm almost ashamed to admit that i'm a tech. I shame my people.

Ok, so i'm here at work. And i've run out of things to do. No, rephrase. I've run out of ways to make it look like i'm working. ITS SLOW!

Why do these fake deputies expect you to be busy when it's slow. I can't make the work. Its a call center. NO CALLY, NO WORKY.

k, sorry about that. Now back to this knitting thing. I am officially 60% finished my sweater. Go Al go Al. And being that spring doesn't look like it's coming any time soon. I should be able to wear it. Yeah baby, Yeah!

K, gotta go look busy. Over and out

Friday, April 08, 2005

So what's new....


I have finished my very first sweater. Yes, it's a miracle. I made the Cathode sweater from the Winter 05 Knitty (

So lets talk about this sweater. It probably wasn't the best sweater to be your first sweater. But it's a great way to dive head first in the land of sweater making. Ok, let me not be nice. That crap was hard as h e double hockey sticks. But, after very freaking annoying do over. I mastered it. Now I feel like I can do anything.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't follow directions well, so it doesn't look like the original. They have similarities, but that's about it. Where's the Pics, you say? Well I have an issue with getting pics. It's called, C.R.S (Can't Remember Shagnasty). I'm working on it. I know you heard that before, but one day you're going to come across this page. And it will have pics. No really, I'm serious.

Moving right along. I am now working on the Seed Stich Jacket from the Winter 04/05 Vogue Magazine. Since it was the orange that caught my eye. I've decided to knit it in orange.

I'm only maybe like 20% of the way through, and I'm loving this sweater! I mean, I cannot wait to finish. This is my first time with seed stitch, I love the texture of it. Especially in the orange. I just took some pics of it. So, i'm going to attempt to get them up here. It shouldn't be too hard.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I now officially have a favorite designer. Her name is Stefanie Japel (Glampyre Knits). She's the one that designed the Cathode sweater. I love her b/c her designs are outside the box.
And I especially love how all her designs are to be know top to bottom in one piece. NO SEWING! Love it love love it. My next project by her will be the Mini Sweater. It's the cutest thing, and it's perfect for those strapless shirt days when you're in the office. I want to make the new Orangina sweater. I don't think i'm that good yet, but I may just buy the album just to support her. She rocks, my friend.

Well gotta go, off to get this pic thing going.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Oh yeah, I do have a knitting blog...

Okay, so this has to be the absolute worst knitting blog out there. I don't even have pics on my page. Working on it, I swear.....I mean I really will do it this time.

Okay, so for the verbal update.

-The poncho is finished!

I have since finished...

Tan wrap made with alpaca
Ipod cover

Oh, yeah and xmas gifts for my girls (Tif: crochet poncho/Kyle: funky scarf)

Now for the works in progress listing.

Cathode Sweater (
No sweat pants (interweave knits)
Needle Case (patons, pattern came with the yarn)

And last but not least....Can't wait to make projects!

Orange sweater (Vogue Knitting)
Pink slip/chemise (
Rust color Poncho (combo pattern, attempting to design it myself)
And like 3 or so projects from the spring/summer K1 mag.

Soooo, I brought back like 3 packages of acrylic yarn. Will take the pic later. Nice colors. I wish I had time to find other yarn stores, but there's always next time.

K, gotta go now. Will come back w/ pics later.