Friday, October 08, 2004

Okay, back to knitting news

I am working on like 4 projects, and I haven't done anything this week.

1) a poncho that's 1/2 of the way payed for, that i told him would be ready by the next week. And it would have if I would have worked on it for the last month. I guess i'm just in a rut, b/c i just made myself the same poncho. so he boredom bug has bit me. yeah, so i guess i'll be busy this weekend. ohh welll

2) the scarf that completes my hat set (my first btw), that i made last year. i need to hurry before it gets extremely cold on me. I love the hate, and would hate to wear it another year w/out the accompanying scarf

3) I started a hooded sweatshirt pattern, which i discovered would be great with No-sweat pants from Interweave knits spring (a pattern that was practically impossible to get a hold of...) good thing wonderful person from the stitch-n-bitch yahoo group had it. she was nice enough to mail it. so now i'm joyful, and i shall use the pattern to complete my knitted sweatsuit. Yay

4) which brings me to the fact that I went through all of that damn trouble to get my hands on the pattern, then didn't even finish. what type of mess is that.

I have a great feeling that this weekend, shall be the productive one. I can feel it.

Oh, and did i mention that I want to make H/S sets for my god kids (i have 3 btw). So much yarn, and so little time. Yeah well, better get cracking.

over and out.....

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