Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I see the promise land...

So after my big tantrum about finishing that poncho. I decided to work on it as fast as possible. And what do you know. I've picked up speed. Who knew aggrevation was such a motivation.

Well anywho, i have to stop by the dollar store to get the gift bag, and tissue paper. Presentation is always the way.

I'm just bubbling thinking about all the new yarn I've purchased. Now that i'm done make (well done in the next day or two) making the poncho for this guy. I'm going back to being selfish. Me Me Me, more yarn, more projects. More More More!!!

I so want to this recycled silk yarn from Nepal. I would love to make the Unbiased bag in this issue of Knitty. Absolutely love that bag, and it's so me. I can't wait.

I think i will alternate between my wrist warmers (5 dp needles uck). and my knitted sweatsuit. gots to get chopping can't wait. yes, the excitement is overwhelming.

hmm, ah yes. Once my new yarn gets here. I'm going to give that Donna sweater a try from Magknits. Being a little on the bustier side, this should be interesting.

I've actually changing my xmas wishlist to yarn yarn, and yes more yarn.

K, gotta go. Might try to join my first knit along...oh joy.

Obsessed w/ yarn is such an understatement.


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